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My dear fellow Whyvillians,

As I am sure you noticed, this issue of the Times is not quite as large as the others that have been published this year. That is because I am battling a terrible monster called . . . the flu.

I was banished from my office to keep my co-workers from getting my germs, and in between the sneezing, coughing, blowing my nose, and horrible phlegm hacking, I did my best to get the most articles in for this issue that I could.

I still have many great articles for this issue, so please bear with me, and once I can get the room to stop spinning I will add them soon (hopefully tomorrow).

Until then, read what we have so far, and there will be more to come.

Yours in Whyville,
Times Editor

Editor's Note: Thank you for all of the well wishes. As of today (Friday, Feb. 2, 2008), unfortunately I am still rather ill. I went to the doctor and had a temperature of 102 and have bronchitis. I am now on antibiotics, so hopefully I will be feeling better soon. The articles that did not make it in this issue will be published in a future issue. Thank you for understanding and hopefully I will be back on my feet soon.


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