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Flawed Fashion: Girls

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A few weeks ago, I wrote an article called "Dare to be Different" (article ID: 8018) about being original and how to create a unique look. I still agree with my message in the article: break free from the fashion trends and have fun with your look. However, there's a difference between looking original and looking flawed. Many Whyvillians' faces just don't follow the rules of fashion.

There's a way to create your look so you attract attention and set trends. But some people create their faces to follow the current trends. The trends I'm talking about aren't the usual blonde hair, pink shirt theme. Also, some faces just aren't stylistically correct because they look weird and draw negative attention. In real life, these styles are impossible to mimic. If you could change the place of your mouth in real life, I doubt you'd put your lips on your neck! Why? Because it wouldn't look beautiful, and it doesn't look any prettier on Whyville. Take a look at these girls with flawed styles:

Tip 1: Contact lens are not eyes.
Contact lens are used to aid your eyes. They're not actually meant to BE your eyes.

Tip 2: Hair can cover your eyes, but your eyes cannot cover your hair.
On Whyville, I thought someone's eyes could only pop out from unhealthy eating in WhyEat. It seems that's not true for the next set of Whyvillians:

Tip 3: Hair should be attached to your head.
I knew it was impossible to find hair that perfectly matches your shirt. These girls look like they're wearing wigs!

Tip 4: Earrings are not hair accessories.
It's amazing that these girls' earrings define gravity! I thought earrings needed to be attached to your ears, not your hair.

Tip 5: Eyes do not belong on the forehead.
I'm sure you've all heard the phrase "Mothers have eyes on the back of their heads." These girls have eyes on their foreheads! Maybe they're Whyville Weather meteorologists.

Tip 6: Mouths should not go below chins.
This is an extremely common style on Whyville and I have no idea why. Faces are so low these days that there's no room left for lips. Remember that body part between your mouth and neck? That's called your chin. Now notice how your lips are ON TOP of your chin? Let's keep them there on Whyville as well.

Tip 7: Skin should not be discolored.
In real life, hanging out at the beach and staying in the sun too long can tan your face. Is that the case for the next two girls?

Some Whyvillians will say they look this way because it's attractive or original. Well, it's not original; it's awkward. When I followed their trend, did I look attractive? Which face looks more proper? The 'Flawed Fashion Style' face OR my original style?

I'm not trying to tell you how to look, I'm telling you how to IMPROVE your look. Some of you will probably say this article was a little mean. In my opinion, you should be comfortable and confident with the way you look. If you're insecure, then change your look. But you shouldn't care what I or other people think. It's YOUR personal style. If you want to look 'flawed' then go ahead. However, if you listen to these tips you'll definitely attract some compliments. Boys, remember this lesson next week when I write "Flawed Fashion: Boys".


Author's Note: Don't battle me on whether I asked for permission about using these people in my article. When you make your look, you're giving everyone permission to see it. So what's the difference if someone includes your face in an article? Your ultimate goal of having people see your face, has been achieved.


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