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The +'s and -'s of Whyville

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The +'s and -'s of Whyville

Guest Writer

"Annoying things on Why"

Our Faces:

Hi, has anyone ever came to you on Whyville or on Why-chat saying, "Want a makeover? Press 33," or something like that? It actually makes you want to say, "Sure, yea, I'll take a make over. I mean, look at my face." Well, those people end up asking you your password to your Whyville account. They could come on there and change your password and your information. If they change your email address, then when you press the button to get your password back from Whyville, it automatically e-mails the person who stole your account, at the e-mail address that they put in. If you do give out your password to them, make sure you change your password the next day. And the other thing is people saying, "Do you think I'm ugly, press 33," or something like that. Who really cares? The way you look on a computer screen doesn't show who you are in real life.

B/F and G/F:

How many times have you been on Why-chat and heard someone say, "Press 33 if you want to be my girl friend (or boy friend)." After a while doesn't that get a little old too? It is the same way with the petitions. It's all over the Internet. Who can really tell what the person is like? You don't know a thing about the person. They could say they are a 12/f and they really are 49/m -- that's a big difference! Unless you know the person, I really wouldn't be saying, "Hey cutie do you want to be my B/F (or vise versa)?" So all of you people should have real love lives (IN PERSON), not over the Internet. It's one thing to have a friendship over the Internet, but a relationship is totally different.

"What's Great on Why"

Face Making:

You can choose what you want your face to look like. You can have it how you look like in real life or like what you would like to look like. For example, if you wanted blue hair you could have it on Whyville and if your parents wouldn't let you have it you could just have it on Whyville. Also, it is a place to let your imagination run free.


You get to have a salary. It's nice to have something that you can just spend all of your money on or save up for a face part or a house or something like that. And you get to play games instead of having to get a job.


Y-mail is exactly like real e-mail. Well, maybe its not as fancy but it does the same thing. The little antenna blinks when you have a new message. And it is free, you can be talking to your friends and be checking your Y-mail at the same time



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