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WhyPass Opinions 2

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WhyPass Opinions 2

Guest Writer

Qtchick04 here! I was reading an article on an interview with City Hall and they were telling us about how they need more money to get more workers, and how much hard work and effort it takes to do new things on whyville. And I don't think they get enough appreciation for it! Like do you ever just Y-mail City Hall and say thanks for everything you have done? Probably not. Think about it: if it weren't for them, there wouldn't be a Whyville. There wouldn't be a place to hang out, and meet new friends, you wouldn't be able to go shoppin. What other website can you shop and dress up your character?

These people don't have to do this, they do this because they want to, no matter how much some people criticize about things, no matter how bad someone is acting, they are still willing to put in the work. They try to fix Whyville up as much as they can, they take suggestions from polls. But you know that some of the things we ask for they can't do, they aren't magical. They try their best to make Whyville the best it can be! But there are some of us that just complain about things in Whyville, they say that stuff is stupid, or that there shouldn't be this or that; for example, the WhyPasses. Hello, people! These aren't millionaires, or robots! They are real people that need real money to get through in the real world! You know they don't have to make Whyville, they could just go somewhere else.

So, the next time you think about criticizing, or say that something is stupid, think about how City Hall is just doing all this for us! And if it weren't for them, there wouldn't be no Whyville!

So once again I would just like to say, Thanx City Hall!


Guest Writer

I think that the Why-Pass is not a good idea. First of all, I know that there are WAY too many people on Whyville. I'm not saying that there aren't because, well, there are. I personally have been coming to Whyville since last November (of 2000) and at that time, there were only 28,000 Whyvillians, give or take a few.

What I'm mean to say is that the Why-Passes are NOT a good idea becuase they cost money. Some of you are probably saying, "Oh well, it's only $5.00 a month! What's the big deal?" I'll tell you the big deal. Some people can't even afford that. People like me. Many kids get allowances. Many don't. My mom can't afford to pay my sisters and I to do our chores. And my dad lives in another state. My mom is a single mom who works hard to support us kids, and I do not think that it is fair to leave us people out and so we won't get into Whyville 'cuz it's too crowded. I haven't been able to get into Whyville for over a week and a half 'cuz there are always too many people on, so it messes everything up.

The fact that only people with money can get into Whyville is extremely infuriating in my book. I don't care if you do not agree with me or not.

The Why-Passes leave many people out. Thank you for taking the time to read this through.


Guest Writer

Hi. This is Nipster.

Ok. I'm pretty peeved, and so are my friends hotty420, Nipster69, and MegaGirl3, Danny14, Y-lady, lola2001, coolkiel, WhyQueen2, Summer19 and lots of other Whyville users. We have been on Whyville for a long time and it doesn't seem fair that we have to pay to get in without waiting. Some of our parents don't want to pay because they think it's stupid that we have to pay money to chat. It doesn't matter if some people want a new Whyville because some of us like it like the old way.

MegaGirl3 says: We would like to support you, but most of our parents don't think it's safe to send money to unknown places. So my suggestion is that people who bother to email you their concerns about having to pay should get a Whyville pass. So you don't lose too much money, the people who bother to address you about this problem (real Whyvillians) about this problem should get a pass. But don't advertise it because this would be only for people who go the extra mile and this is fair because you won't get any money because most of our parents (even some of the unmentioned users in this article) have made it final that they will not pay. So I will say again, the people who go the extra mile are loyal and should not have to pay for a pass.

hotty420 says: I have read that you want to get money to make Whyville better. Even though people complain about not having a lot of things, some people believe that Whyville is perfect the way it is. We have everything we need here! People just want to separate them (eg: The auditorium is like a wedding chapel already and Akbar's is a mall that sells everything needed.)

I say: Since my friends and I have complaints about the pass and the population growth, maybe other people do, too. We should ask all Whyvillians, would they rather have a big new Whyville in which barely anyone can get on because the server is too full with the pictures and backgrounds? Or would we rather have a nice simple place where we can actually get on Whyville to do the things we still haven't done? With Whyville being expanded, the server keeps getting more full by the day. The WhyPass is a waste of money because it does not fully guarantee your entrance. I love Whyville the way it is. I don't need a fancy amusement park or a big skate park. I go on Whyville to chat and talk with other people my age and have fun. I wouldn't care if we just had a mall and a house and maybe two games and blank rooms (speaking of rooms, you should have better instructions on how to place rooms because mine doesn't work). But I love going on Whyville to CHAT. That's what I believe it was made for (next to the education part, which is pretty cool), and if Whyville grows too much, no one will be able to get on or learn more things and I think that it should stay the way it is.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



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