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Do You Have Talent?

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Talent. A special natural ability or aptitude, according to the dictionary. You may think this means good at singing, or dancing, or great at sports. Getting the lead in every musical or being able to score a goal is not the only talent there is. Everybody has talent, whether it's big or small, everybody has talent. Some people have the kind of talent that's easy to see, for example writing great articles. Some people, people like me, have hidden talents. Talents you can't always see, but are definitely there.

Some people have the talent to always find a good parking space. Some people have the talent to always make their hair look good. Some people even have the amazing talent of proofreading my articles and helping me make them better (cough--Emmy--cough). My brother has the talent to find money on the ground, no matter where we are. But the point is, everybody has a special talent, no matter what it may be, and everybody's talent is important.

I just finished reading a book where they talked about the theory of talent. One boy had the talent to always pick the line that would take the longest, if he was in the line, the line would never move. This may sound like a horrible talent, but it came in handy, everyday at lunch he would pick a line and his friends would stand in the other one. His line always took the longest so his friends bought his lunch for him since they always got through the line quicker . . .

But does everyone have just one special talent? Of course not! Everyone has so many talents, even if they aren't very noticeable. I bet you have tons of talents you never even think about. Probably tons you haven't even discovered yet. Throughout your whole life you'll find things that you're good at. Don't worry if you don't think you have any "good" talents; everybody's talents are useful in some way or another. Hey, my talents aren't all that glamorous, but they're the talents I'm stuck with, and I'll just have to learn to use them to make a difference.

For example, I'm good with little kids. You may not consider this a talent but I baby sit a lot and it earns me lots of money. Another one of my talents is making people laugh. I can usually make anyone laugh even if they're upset. Even the little talents are important. Just think about the things you do in your everyday life and you'll probably discover lots of things you're good at.

So, whether you're the star of the football team, or the lost little boy finding loose change, you're talent is important and you should never forget that.


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