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Vancyon here! Presenting this week's Whyvillian in the Spotlight . . . She's not a y-mail helper; she's not an Oldbie -- NO, NO, you see, she's humorous; her writing is some of the best writing anyone has seen, she's nice, and creative . . .

"She's unbelievably creative yet annoying at times. And Malik likes her too" ~Ps2man1
"She is one of the most amazing, smart, talented, cool, random, hilarious, original people I've ever met. You'd be crazy to not be friends with her She's always there to listen to your rants, even if they're long, capitalized and colorful. She definitely crans xD (that's an insider)" ~Rochrox
"She is one of the craziest, funniest, and nicest people I know." ~Nerdishh
"She was blessed with three very special things: humor, and incredible writing ability. She has a gift . . . her articles are always fantastic. The third thing that makes her so amazing is she is a loyal friend. I treasure her" ~Glitsygrl
"SHE IS MY HOMEDAWG! She's da bomb . . . she's funny, incredibly intelligent, creative and WONDUHFUHL. She's been my friend for the longest time; all the way from Kindergarten!! Funnest person ever. She writes for the Times, has a sweet personality, and doesn't necessarily pwn at Harry Potter Scene it but that's okay. Because she's still awesome." ~xo7JoA7ox

She's . . . xo7JoA7ox! Jo lives in Ontario, and was inspired to go on Whyville by rochrox. She is well known for her "Life Lessons" column, which she started in October. Joanne is also well known for her WTA nominated articles "Our Sad Sob Story" and "The Kyoto Treaty". She has starred in "The Funnies", "Phonyfunnies", "Genobeh Heboneg Show", and even the "Soap Opera". She has also played grandma in my "Shampoo Opera". Jo earns 88 clams a day and joined on December 29, 2006.

Jo is one of the few people that almost everyone likes. Just by looking at the quotes above, you can see how much people treasure her. Heck! Even that grumpy old critic xo7JoA7ox loves her!

Jo is 13 years old; she loves Harry Potter, and I can't forget "Twilight"! Jo is married to Edward Cullen (Rochrox claims to be but this was confirmed as FALSE), and is annoyed because of the writers strike because she is OBSESSED with "House". Jo is 13 years old, and does her best to help the environment. What is she? She's a ROLE MODEL. In fact, if you take a look into the future, you will see that . . . uhoh! Her HEARING takes place on September 29th, 2010. She was such a nice girl! V_V



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