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What Whyvillians Thought

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What Whyvillians Thought

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Hello Whyvillians, LiLbEaUt here. As most of you have heard, we had a Haunted House at Dr. Leila's. Some of you might have you might have known the password and explored the mysterious house of the haunted. I know I did!

I interviewed some Whyvillians about what they thought of the Haunted House. Let's hear what they had to say.

First Interview: model205

Me: Did you hear about the Haunted House in Dr. Leila's?
model205: Well of course! Who didn't?
Me: What places did you explore?
model205: Well, it was all very confusing to know where you were, but I think that was the whole fun! Let's see... I explored the graveyard, the haunted house (of course lol), the witch's Cauldron, and I went up the millions of flights of stairs. Which, by the way, I never could get to the top of.
Me: Thanks alot!
model205: No problem!

Second Interview: Alphagurl

Me: Hey, did you hear about the Haunted House?
Alphagurl: Haunted House? Oh yes. Sort of.
Me: Did you go inside and explore?
Alphagurl: Nope. I wanted to but no one would tell me the pass. I don't know how very many others got inside. No one wanted to tell the pass!
Me: Wow. I thought us Whyvillians were suppose to share and all enjoy the Haunted House. Do you think there should have been a secret pass?
Alphagurl: No I don't. I really thought it shouldn't have been so secretive.
Me: Well, thanks for your time.
Alphagurl: Anytime.

Third Interview: Lauren10

Me: Hey, did you hear about the Haunted House?
Lauren10: Yes, and quite frankly I thought it was a drag.
Me: You did?! Did you happen to, by chance, go inside?
Lauren10: Yup... unfortunately.
Me: What made you not like the haunted house?
Lauren10: Many reasons. One... I had to pay clams JUST TO GET THE PASS. (Some helpful Whyvillians!) Two... it was all jumbled and confusing. I had no idea how to get out of there or go anywhere. Three... it wasn't all that fun, frankly.
Me: Wow. Thanks a lot.
Lauren10: Welcome.

Fourth Interview: SuperHunk

Me: Hey there. Did you know about the Haunted House?
SuperHunk: Sure! Anyone who didn't is totally missing out.
Me: What was your favorite place that you went to?
SuperHunk: Um... that' s tough, but I would have to say the Graveyard. I just LOVED the music and it was spooky and mysterious.
Me: Do you think anything could have been done to make this place much more fun?
SuperHunk: You kiddin me? It was great. I'm glad it's the way it is.
Me: LoL, well, thanks a lot.
SuperHunk: You bet.

I hope you all had a chance to make your own decisions about the Haunted House. Oh, and for those of you that do know the password to get inside, please don't be selfish and give it to those that want to enjoy the Haunted House.

LiLbEaUt going... going... gone.



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