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Do You Remember That One Time . . .

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As we sit in art class, Sidney and I talk about memories. You hear tons of laughing and we often say, "Remember that one time?" Sidney and I have been best friends since second grade, so we have tons of funny memories and good times to talk about. It's funny how you never really think about these things, but once we started talking about it, there were too many memories to name in one class period.

I've always wondered about memories. I think that everything I've ever done in my life, good or bad, is a memory. Everything. Some people don't remember a lot of things, but me, I remember almost everything. When one of my friends brings up something from back in elementary school, I remember. Even when I see someone on Whyville I haven't talked to in a year, I remember them. People say you can't remember things from when you were young, but I can remember some things. I remember having the chicken pox, and my mom says I was two when I got them.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you couldn't remember anything? That happens sometimes, and it scares me to think it could happen to me one day. Imagine not remembering who your friends are, or even your family. Imagine how they would feel that you couldn't even remember their names. Imagine not knowing anything that ever happened in your life.

You've probably all seen Finding Nemo and you probably laughed at Dory when she couldn't remember anything. Did you laugh when she couldn't remember something from even five seconds ago? I know I did. But thinking about it, it's funny when it's happening on TV or in a movie, but what if that happened to you in real life? I'm sure you wouldn't find it funny then.

Even though you probably never think about it, memory is everything. Without memory you would be lost and confused. I don't know what I would do without my memories. I want to remember everything; I want to remember the fun times with my friends from way back in Kindergarten. I want to remember the soccer game when I scored my first goal. I want to remember my life, because it represents me, and who I am.


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