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I Know My Rights

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Editor's Note: This article deals with the mature and controversial subject of homosexuality. I encourage you to speak to your parents about this subject prior to and after reading this article. Also, please remain respectful in your discussions in the BBS.

I know my rights. Now, I'm not talking about my rights as a United States Citizen, free speech and all that jazz, I am talking about my rights as a human being.

What are these rights, you ask? Let me tell you. The rights of a human being are to be able to laugh, to live as they please, to befriend who they please, and above all, to love and to be loved. If you haven't seen where I am going with this, let me clear it up.

I am a lesbian. I am gay. I am homosexual. I am attracted to the same sex. There, I said it.

Go ahead and throw tomatoes and bibles at me, I don't care. I am going to get my opinion out.

I believe strongly, more than anything, that everyone has the right to love who they want. If you are a girl and you love a boy, well then, that's no problem, is it? If you are a boy and you love a girl, that's just fine, right? But oh, oh no. Billy, you can't love Johnny, what about Sally? Sally, it isn't right to love Jill, what about Billy?

If you are a teenage, hormonal male, and you have sex, nobody cares, it's all good. As long as it's a girl you had sex with. "Yes, daughter," says the mother, "It's fine if you have pre-marital sex, as long as you have sex with a guy."

If you get married and truly, truly love each other, you are a-okay, as long as your spouse isn't the same gender as you are.

I must ask you all something. Why? Why is it that you are so intent on denying the rights of your fellow human beings? How dare you look down upon those who are different than you are? I had hoped we, as a country, as a world, would have gotten past this by now.

I admit, I have gotten of topic. Let me return. In today's society, it is getting more and more acceptable to be gay. But, still, homosexuals are widely discriminated against. It is disgusting the way humans will treat others.

When you say that allowing homosexuals to get married is destroying the sacred thing that marriage is, what do you mean? I mean, really. As if marriage isn't screwed up already. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, already, no telling the amount that would have been divorced, however the husband and/or wife do not have the funds to be separated. No telling the amount of marriages that are abusive. And that is with straight marriages.

Wow. Whatever, people, you can think whatever you want of me, just do not refuse me the thing that you already have messed up.

Marriage, while allowing you to prove to each other and the world you love each other, has legal benefits as well. You have no right to deny people this.

Do not go in the BBS and tell me to read the Bible. I have something to tell you: I have. I am forced to go to church every Sunday, and listen to the preacher about how the world is messed up, yet he does nothing. I was raised Southern Baptist, I know all of the stuff you will fling at me.

My friend, who I can hardly call that anymore, is a devout Christian. I cannot speak to her without her spewing something about how I am going to hell. Do not go into the BBS and tell me I am a disgusting person. I am a good person. I do not drink, do drugs, I am a virgin, I am nice and sweet to everyone. I am a good person.

So why am I denied everything that a little girl wants?

Someone once said that if every gay person turned purple over night, homophobia would disappear. That is to say, people would realize just who they were hurting. Their aunt, cousin, grocer, that girl you want to be friends with but just don't know how to . . .

I know my rights.

Do you?

Wishing she could fly away,

Author's Note:Please be kind and considerate in your comments and opinions.


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