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How did you enjoy Halloween and the Haunted House, folks? Great fun, wasn't it? I was there myself, and I must say that I wish the Haunted House could be open all year long, but I suppose then it would no longer be so special.

And since we're wrapping up Halloween, let's wrap up by announcing our Halloween Costume Contest winners! Our top three ghouls are:

DollyGirl googles tight

The competition was so close and intense, City Hall just had to bite the bullet and honor all three winners with a 30-day Why-Pass each! Congratulations, winners!

Time and tide wait for no one; Halloween is over, but the holidays are upon us! Thanksgiving in the US is coming right up, and then all those wonderful winter holidays are right around the corner!

Some of us will celebrate Christmas. Others have Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and more. The Times would like to take this occasion to solicit holiday articles from our citizens. How do you celebrate these holidays in your home and country? What are your holiday wishes, inspirations, and resolutions? Submit your articles to be included in our upcoming holiday specials!

And to kick the holiday season off, I'm hearing rumors that something special is coming our way on Sat, Nov. 24. Something to do with clams. Say, have you ever seen clams drop out of clear, blue Whyville sky....?

Keeping you up with the Times,
The Editor



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