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Flawed Fashion: Boys

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Remember last week's "Flawed Fashion: Girls" (article id: 8235) article? Last week I decided to write an article that gave tips to girls about improving their Whyville faces. Why? Because some of the current Whyville trends are displeasing and divert attention to misplaced face parts rather than the face as a whole. When I see eyes on someone's forehead, I tend to focus on the negative rather than their whole look. The concept of the article sounds harmless enough, right? But the BBS was full of negativity.

One of the repetitive comments was that I was trying to re-dress Whyville. That is incorrect because, and to quote last week's article, "I'm not trying to tell you how to look, I'm trying to tell you how to IMPROVE your look." The article had suggestive ways to rearrange your look and making every feature look attractive. Nowhere in the article did I say that the Whyvillians were hideous. However I did say that following these trends made some girls look flawed. Last week's article stated my opinion of fashion wrongs.

With that in mind, this week I'm writing about the bad style of some Whyville boys. Males on the website use real life to inspire their creativity with their looks. There's nothing wrong with using the real world to influence your face-- but there are certain styles that are repetitive, annoying, and unattractive.

Tip 1: Hanging tongues attract no one.

Many boys have a "tongue-sticking-out" face. I guess it's hard not to drool over the pretty girls on Whyville. These tongues are becoming a popular and annoying trend. But where have I seen this style before?

Tip 2: Are you blind? You've got no eyes!

In real life, many boys' hair covers their eyes. The boys in real life also imitate their real life faces but there's a problem; they layer their head with hair and don't include their eyes. This is meant to give the illusion that their eyes are behind their hair. But all I see is piled hair and missing eyes.

Tip 3: Look at me, my hair can see!

The boys in Tip 2 were missing their eyes. But these boys have their eyes over their hair. Maybe they're trying to show people they have eyes under their layered hair!

Tip 4: Low lips should be stripped.

There are many similarities between the flawed styles of girls and boys. One of them is that both have very low lips. Boys' mouths are placed on their chins or their necks. This style wouldn't be mimicked in real life because it's ridiculous and it's not any more attractive on Whyville either.

Tip 5: My head is weird shape and size. That's why I look different from other guys.

The following boys have disproportionate heads. Their face isn't perfectly aligned with their heads because their heads are too big or too small. In the real world, large heads hint at wisdom. But in the virtual world these boys don't look too wise about fashion.

Tip 6: You cannot fit in with different skin.

When girls wear concealer, their faces are a slightly different shade than their necks. Do these boys wear makeup? That might explain their reason for having discolored heads.

Tip 7: My neck's so small, I don't look tall.

Boys seem to have hard time finding a balance in their neck sizes. Some of them have low lips which causes them to make elongated necks. But these boys have their shirts placed under their heads! Small necks give the illusion that these avatars are really short.

Am I trying to be mean? Nope. Do I want to be HONEST? Of course! Remember, you do not have to follow these tips. They're not rules embedded in Whyville's style book. No City Worker will penalize you for ignoring this article. These are just suggestions but I hope you at least try to follow them. When you adapt to my ideas see if you like your new face. If you don't, then go ahead and be yourself. You can still look original and attractive without the help of my tips. Just take a look at these creative Whyvillians:

Please think before you post on the BBS. I don't consider myself a fashion guru. I just dislike seeing these trends. The 'Flawed Fashion' articles are meant to suggest changes in Whyvillians. They're not meant to enforce anything. However some of you readers decided to retaliate without thinking last week. You looked at my blunt remarks and posted on the BBS without entirely reading what I had to say. To summarize my point, you don't have to listen to what I say because it's advice. You never have to follow advice if you don't want to. Some of the Whyvillians who are going to yell, are insecure because they follow these trends. All I have to say to them is: be open-minded to change.


Author's Note: I am sorry if I offended you but you need to realize I was never telling you how to look. But I am only sorry to those who now understand the point I'm trying to get across. Also again, I saved some embarrassment and rude remarks by not including usernames.


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