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CupOfCake: Alright, Trish. You've got Mia dressed up right?
Mallymomo: Mhhhhhhhhhhhm.
CupOfCake: And Mark is a new hotti -- I mean virtual man.
Mallymomo: Yes, he is. :P
CupOfCake: Countdown for the third edition of Why-Vogue, please!
Mallymomo: 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . BLAST OFF!
CupOfCake and Mallymomo: Whyvillians, welcome to the third edition to Why-Vogue!

That's So Posh!:

This week in Akbar's we found this rockin' hair

Part Name: She's Got Issues
Designer's Name: ShZammers
It's Only: 93 Clams
Is it in style: Yes! VERY! Now-a-days this is how we wear our hair!

Here is Nonsis9 styling it off at waterfall!

Mallymomo: Love your hair! What is your favorite part about this hair?
Nonsis9: Thanks, I like this hair because it reminds me of my hair when I go to the beach and don't wash it until several hours later. :P
CupOfCake: Are there any ad-on's that go with this hair?
Nonsis9: Nope! Not that I know of! Because I looked up the maker and no ad-on's were available
. Mallymomo: What would the style be of this hair?
Nonsis9: Actually, I think it would go with anything. It just depends on like the shirt your wearing.
CupOfCake: If you could change something about this hair,, what would you change?
Nonsis9: Nothing! LOL I like everything the puffiness, texture, color, I just think ShZammers makes the most awesome stuff, hands down.
Mallymomo: Is there anything you would wanna see ShZammersn make?
Nonsis9: I think she should make knit hats and maybe a blond version of this hair.
CupOfCake: Apparently you really like it, but I always like to ask. Would you recommend this hair to anyone, or no?
Nonsis9: Yes, Definitely. I think anyone could where it and look good. The nice thing about this hair you don't need to buy doubles!

Nonsis9 rates 'She's Got Issues' a 10 out of 10!

What the Designers' Are Wearing:
Note: Some of these items may NOT be in Akbar's at the time.


Hat: Hat - Unknown
Hair: Make Me Beautiful - LadyCB
Eyes: AquenE - KfrorKim
Ears: Special Edition - Altarboy
Nose: Ohh so cute little nose spis - Spis1
Shirt: Violee God Bless - Violee


Hair1: Padraic my prince - Unknown
Hair2: Hockey Fan - Ladycb
Eyebrows: Not Too Arched - Covert86
Eyeslashes: Luxury Eyelashes ~ Crumple ~ - Crumple
Eye Make-Up1: ~*~ Sparkly Pink Eyeshadow ~*~ - Unknown
Eye Make-Up2: ~OinkSparkleEyeshadow~ - Unknown
Eyes: xXFushaCoXx Sapphire Shores - Bbdd
Nose: Nose for Bert - Altarboy
Lips: Pirate Pout - Bbdd
Shirt: xXFushaCoXx Meera - Bbdd
Veteran Medal: Gold Veteran Medal - City Hall

We had the honor to interview Bbdd!

Mallymomo: Okay, you make face parts, what kind?
Bbdd: I make a variety of face parts, but generally, I make tops, eyes and lips :)
CupOfCake: If you could choose any face part that you made to be your favorite, what one would it be?
Bbdd: Hmmm probably xXFushaCoXx Meera. I made it for a friend and decided it would be an unsellable. It was a long top but it was cut :(. I guess My Pixilated Life is definitely tops as well. It's a face part that looks just like me in real life.
Mallymomo: What is your top seller part?
Bbdd: Good question. Probably one of my older parts like *FushaCO*Eyelashez*BahTammi*. Only because people buy two at a time I guess :). I don't ever seem to stock enough of that one.
CupOfCake: When did you start making parts?
Bbdd: Oh wow. My guess is in late 2000. I deleted my oldest parts when Whyville needed the server space.
Mallymomo: Roughly, how many parts have you made?
Bbdd: Well according to face factory I have 137 approved designs. I also have another account I used to design on so probably 140.
CupOfCake: Does your parts represent any particular style?
Bbdd: Hmm not really. A lot of my older parts obviously reflected the older Whyvillian fashions. I have stopped selling them now though. Umm my newer items are definitely a reflection of things I like and in most instances, are something I would wear myself.
Mallymomo: If you, personally, could pick any part to be your favorite, what would it be?
Bbdd: Well I don't think I could pick one. My favorites would have to be; bobo has Blonde hair, Tammi Down under Lcb INC, Zebra for Tammi Lcb INC and bLUe sTAr sHIRt.

Mia The Mannequin:

Get Mia's Look:

Hair: Sweetest Girl - Peachadee
Eyebrows: Better Than Your Moms Eyebrows - Peachadee
Eyes: Chlorofluorocarbon TZ - xCRUNKIE
Nose: Little Tan Nose -arch- - Puppy85
Lips: Chili Pepper Red Lips - Over30
Shirt: Elemental Peace - Babygrace
Hat: Element- Imbusy

Mia's look this week is "Skater Girl".

Mark The Mannequin:

Get Mark's Look:

Hat: Fedora - Kitadoll
Hair: Cool Guy Hair - JKid100
Eyebrows: Guys Eyebrows - Porche13
Eyes: Emo Guy Eyes - Porsche26
Nose: Nose - CrazyFox4
Mouth: Guys Grin - PinkHot56
Shirt: Guys Von Dutch Tee - JediRUs

Mark's look this week is "Classic".

Fashion Notes~

Mallymomo: We appreciate all the nice comments you have posted about Why-Vogue in the BBS. Hopefully this will get even more.

CupOfCake: Whyvillians, you have just experienced the third edition of Why-Vogue. Tune in next week for another.


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