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Welcome back to another installation of "A to Z"! This week, I've got four not so popular bands to introduce to you, since, hey, that's the point of this series!

By the way, guys, "A to Z" has a point. It's not to play favorites and see which bands Kaila will put in her series. It's to introduce bands that not many people have heard of, ones that are unsigned or just now gaining momentum or just getting signed. While it's true that in the past I have given in and put popular bands in, I'm most likely not going to anymore. I started this series to not only introduce you to bands, but to introduce myself to some new bands as well. Just try to keep that in mind the next time that you're suggesting.

Goodbyetomorrow: Although I don't think that Goodbyetomorrow should be considered a 'G' since they're now known as Alive in Wild Paint, but I shall still cover them. As Goodbyetomorrow, they've released two EPs and are preparing for their very first full length album, Ceilings, to be released on March 18 by Equal Vision Records. They currently have four members and they've been switching around members a lot, since they have eight former members.

Green and Yellow TV: Green and Yellow TV was formed with a desire to make music that reflects pop music's past and future. With that, Green and Yellow TV was formed in 1999 and over the years has released three full length albums and one EP. The band's lineup has changed over the years and they lost two members (Io Perry and Steve McDonald), while adding to the current lineup of three: Todd O'Keefe, Michael Regilio and Justin Rocherolle.

Green Carnation: Since their formation in 1990, Green Carnation has released five studio albums, a demo and they currently have on album that's sitting, waiting for a future release. Green Carnation wasn't formed in the US, but in Norway. They've had over twelve band members and only one is remaining: Terje Vik Schei, or known as Tchort. In fact, they broke up on August 17, 2007 due to a "poorly formed American tour." Tchort also said that he would continue to write music under the name Green Carnation, but he would never play live again with the band.

Gwen Stacy: The name would suggest at least one girl, but that's not the case with Gwen Stacy. The band in made up of five guys and only two of them were original members. The name actually comes from a Spiderman character who was named Gwen Stacy. They are a newly signed band, since they've only been signed to Ferret Records since October 29 of last year. On the 5th of this month, they released their first full-length album, The Life I Know, after releasing two self released albums . . . I Believe in Humility and Demos 2006.

Again, A to Z will now be about not-so-popular bands, since the actual point was to introduce you to new music. I did what I should not have done: I gave into the people saying they wanted their favorites put in and I probably won?t do that again. There may be the occasional popular band, but don't get your hopes up.

In the mean time, try listening to these bands and try experimenting with their music.

This is Kaila, going to stare at her new fishy, Chazz (who is named after Chazz Micheal Micheals, thank you very much)
(You say it's foolish, but there's something that you miss . . .)


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