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Suggestions for the Why-Pass

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Suggestions for the Why-Pass

unknown author
Why-Mail Checker

To whom it may concern:

I think that why passes are a pain in the neck. Sometimes I just want to get on to Whyville to check my Why-mail. I think you should have a box besides being able to read the Times or the map. It should be a mailbox. That way, you could read your mail and be done with it. Will you please consider my idea?


Happy Chatter

Hey Whyville producers!!

I love going to your site! I think it's a great way for kids to have fun and learn new things!! On Whyville, my usernames are Discotu, CuTiPiTUi, and kelcie! I've just made CuTiPiTUi yesterday!

I have mailed you to say, I don't really think that you should have it so you must wait 5 days until you can chat. What you shall do is you shall just get the parents to email you! That's what I think.

Well. I don't know what else I could say. All I know is that it bothers me sooo much that when ever I go on Whyville I always have to wait in the waiting room for like 10 minutes!!! But that's not your fault -- I think the waiting room is great, but you should put little links where you can go and play little games like crossword puzzles or word searches and fun things like that!!

Well that's all I have to say! I hope you think hard about my idea 'bout the waiting room!





Hey This is bethy88 here and I just wanna say that I think Why-Passes are a great idea but... I think there should be another way of getting them other then paying with money.

It's very hard for people in other countries to pay for the passes, as the currency is very different in some places. Here in New Zealand it's more than twice the amount and my parents are not willing to pay $10 a month for me to chat and play games on a site, even though they know how much I enjoy Whyville. Heck, I'm on it everyday, nearly!

I think that we should have a good citizens award for the most kind, caring, generous, Whyville-aholic people each month... like the top 5 or something... but it should only be for people out of the U.S., or the people who actually go on Whyville a lot.

I know I don't need a pass, as I can get on every time because of the time differences... but I still do need to refresh quite a lot on some days... so what I'm saying is that people who cannot afford the money to pay for a Why-Pass and visits Whyville at least 6 times a week AND are kind and giving to others should be in a draw to win one of five 1 month Why-Passes. To enter, all you should have to do is Why-mail City Hall and convince them that you truly deserve a Why-Pass.

Thanx, this is bethy. Buhbi!!

p.s. If you have any comments, plz mail me back!


Whyville Fundraiser


My name is Krisie, and I think the Why-Pass thing is a great Idea!!!! You say that we need bigger plots and everything, but they need money to do that!!! So, this is like a fundraiser helping Whyville to get bigger!!! If you want to help please even get a \$4.95 Why-Pass. Thanks.



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