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Goodbye to Whyville

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Goodbye to Whyville

Departing Veteran

Well, I started Whyville last November, and I met a lot of nice people on Whyville. But now, all they is to do is talk and besides that buy stuff from Akbar's. Whyville's added so much stuff since I joined, but it's just getting boring for me, so I am here to write my goodbye.

I love what you're doing with Whyville and all, but there is really nothing to do but talk to other people. Like I said, I started last November when I met my long lost cuz (koolchic) at her mom's wedding. I had her sleep over and she told me everything I needed to know. I joined on like the first day of snow, and later I got a plot and met a lot of people and helped a lot of people. It was cool.

Here are most of the people I m still in contact with: BabeKC, Cheeky7, foxfire, Gymchic, hotoil16, ICEYDUDE5, JudoBabe, Judogirl, JUDOMAN, koolchic, nikkichic, pedropez, risa, sasha911 and smitty5 (my Whyville love). So any one, if they see me around much they are lucky now. I know you really don't want to hear about how I was a newbie, but well, my first name, Judogal, was banned by, well, I won't say. Then my loving cuzin got me a new account which I named Judochick. I was never really a newbie because she bought me all this stuff and helped me wit my salary, which is now 74 clams. So it was fun for a while, like I had to go on once a day or die... and now I have to find something else to do on the net.

Goodbye, Whyville,



Departing Veteran

Today, when I logged in, I knew it was the last time. Why? It's because I came to a conclusion that Whyville really isn't that interesting anymore. Maybe it's because I grew up and got more mature. Or maybe it's because I grew up and the people got more immature with each week. The point is, I'm going on Whyville less and less.

As I write this, we're up to about 94,650 citizens, and half are begging for clams/cussing and making the city look trashy. The other half just stands there and watches the city go down the drain. I'm okay with newbies begging for clams. I'll lend a few here and there, but it's becoming more and more constant. It's just getting outright annoying. You can call me mean or whatever you like. I'm only human, and to get annoyed is normal.

And another thing, if you speak your opinion like, "Hey, does anyone else like NSYNC?" or Backstreet Boys or Blink-182 or WHATEVER, people will be "Backstreet/NSYNC/WHATEVER is soo annoying! I hate them.. blah blah blah." Geeze! I only asked a simple question, no need to bite my friggen head off!

Sorry if I'm ranting. I tend to do that when I'm just overly ARGGHHH! feeling. I could go on about a thousand more reasons, but it would take up too much disk space.

You know how a lot of the older people, like Pego and Ally just kind of faded away? Well, that's how it's starting to be with everything else... newer people seems to mean meaner people, people begging for clams everywhere, it seems like the city has taken a turn for the worse with a handful or so people trying to keep it up and happy. But even that's slowly fading away. All us older people, soon we won't be here and no one will remember our good ole' face parts (like the Black Bob, that thing kicked BUTT!).

Well, what I'm trying to say is, that us old guys will all end up just being here one day and POOF! gone forever... so when we do that, remind all the new people, how good it was when we had barely any face parts, none of these stupid safety precautions and where we all knew each other. So I guess this is the final goodbye...

Goodbye, Good Luck, And Have Fun,


Because I don't know you anymore
I don't recognize this place
The picture frames have changed
And so has your name
We don't talk much anymore
We keep running from the pain
But what I wouldn't give to see your face again

~I Don't Know You Anymore
Savage Garden


Departing Veteran

Dear Whyville and City Hall,

This is the last you will hear from me. There was a song on the radio, sung by Shania Twain called, When. The main part of the song that always gets to me is this:

    "When money grows on trees People live in peace Everyone agrees WHEN HAPPINESS IS FREE"

I came on Whyville a long time ago, wanting happiness, hearing that this happiness was "free". But now when I go on to the once loved website, a screen pops up saying, "Even though you got into this website, you don't have a Why-Pass, so now you must pay for your happiness! Have a great life, CoolNana, never being able to life a priceless life!" Well, that's not what is really said but, that's what it means to me!

This made me realize, life isn't getting easier, it is just reaching the point where you have to pay money to eat, be happy, and also to talk to friendz!

Whyville may be impossible to keep going, but it's not impossible to keep it living. Whyville will always be alive! Hey, we talk on it all the time, friendships and hardships have happened on Whyville. So really, life has happened on Whyville.

This may not sound like the CoolNana you know and once did, but it is and I say farewell, soon.

Signing off,



A Special Note from everyone at City Hall and the Times: We will miss you all, Judochick, Pikachu2, CoolNana, and anyone who's ever grown apart from Whyville. We hope you'll visit, every once in a while... one day, maybe we'll have a special place here in Whyville where veteran citizens can get together again... until then, remember that you who have seen our town through good times and bad will always hold a special place in our hearts.



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