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China, Mexico, the World

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China, Mexico, the World

Far-Flung Reporter

For the past few weeks our world has been a bit shaky since Sept 11, 2001. If you don't live in America, feel lucky that you were not effected a lot. Laura Bush has given many moving speeches but the truth is, the world has already has been corrupted by power and money.

On Dec. 26, 2000 (yea, I know, a year ago, why talk now?) I was walking in China. No, I wasn't born in China nor do I live there. It was a holiday. You figure the logic. ^_^ Well, anyway, I saw hungry people out in the streets. One guy had no hand or leg. You could imagine how I felt about that. I even saw a little girl who did not know how to speak Chinese crying for some food and money.

On August 16, 2001, I went to Mexico. I saw so many dirty (not that kind of dirty) people in the streets. A woman just had her third child and her oldest son was trying to sell some bracelets made of clay. So of course I bought a few and tipped the boy.

The truth is, we're not becoming much as humans. If you look at a more primitive species, the elephants, they stay with each other, strongly caring. If we could be more like that, maybe our world wouldn't seem so sad.

For those who are probably rich, you probably may think everybody has it good. But I've seen many sick, sad things in my life. I volunteer a lot so I know. I have seen many sick things, like AIDS, cancer, animal abuse, child abuse, wife beaters. Even adult abuse!!! Actually, that last one wasn't that bad. The kid was mad at his dad because he kept speaking Korean when he went to a restaurant.

Please help out. If you have done your part for this world, good for you. I cannot give you any rewards for your services, but the sight of a smiling kid or making a person more cheerful should be reward enough. With every chance you get, you should help out.

In the mean time, I have to go fix my eyes. @.@ They hurt from the computer.

Well, I got to go throw my cat out the window. In the mean time, go do some community service and go plant a tree at least once every season. Also, helping the homeless and feeding the hungry isn't enough. Go help animals too. ^_^ Well, I got to go. My cat wants to go outside.

Uh.... *thinks, got to help animals*... Okay, I won't throw my cat out the window this time but you better do the same to all your cats, people! ^_^



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