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Whyvillians' Why-Pass Whims

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Whyvillians' Why-Pass Whims

Guest Writer

Hey there, guys. Lilbeaut here, and I know all of you have had many thoughts about these Why-Passes in Whyville. What are they all about? Are they fair? And most importantly, what do our own citizens think about them?

First of all, what are these Why-Passes about? Well, it was an idea City Hall and her city workers came up with to help raise money for Whyville. As many of you have heard, there are LOTS of people coming to our beloved town. Sometimes, with sooo many people, there's not enough 'space' (as I like to call it in normal terms) for everyone to come in Whyville at the same time. Why-Passes are a simple way for you to get dibs on getting into Whyville.

Next, are these Why-Passes fair? I've wanted to ask others what they thought about this question, so I interviewed a few people.

First Interview: Athur

Me: Hey there, tell me what you know about the Why-Passes.
Athur: Um... well, it's pretty simple, actually. If you read the Times (like I always do) you get a lot of information. The Why-Pass is a way for Whyville to earn money. When you buy one you'll always be able to get into Whyville without that sign saying how busy Whyville is.
Me: You got that covered pretty much, lol. Say, do you think they are fair?
Athur: Fair? Yes. If you are selfish enough to not want to pay and make some lame excuse like: "Oh, my parents don't approve of that." or "I don't have that kind of money," well, maybe you don't really deserve a pass that gets you in faster. I think most of you have enough money just to pay a measly \$4.95 (or however much it is). Think about it.
Me: Yeah, I sure am thinking about it. One more thing... did you buy one yourself? You seem quite the expert.
Athur: LoL. Of course I did. Better for me to spend more time in Whyville!
Me: Thanks a lot.
Athur: Anytime.

Second Interview: granfan

Me: Hey there, what facts do you know about the Why-Pass?
granfan: I think its an unfair, demanding way to spend what little money I DO have. Just another scam.
Me: Wow. That's pretty negative. I'm assuming you don't think they are fair, am I correct?
granfan: Yes, you are. When I heard about them, I was angry, I mean REALLY angry. I mean, some of our parents don't even approve of Whyville. Why would they want to pay for something in Whyville? Why-Passes are NOT fair.
Me: Some pretty strong thoughts there. Can you tell me how you found out about the Why-Pass?
granfan: Ya... I first heard about it in the Times from Bigfoot's article. Then, of course, I read about it in the waiting room, while trying to get into Whyville.
Me: Cool. Thanks for your time.
granfan: No problem.

Third Interview: ColorChic

Me: Hi, care to tell me what you know about Why-Passes.
ColorChic: Ya, sure. I don't know much about them, but I do know that if you have one you'll ALWAYS get into Whyville without any problems.
Me: Yes that's true. Do you think they are fair?
ColorChic: Well, I don't really have an opinion about them. I take both sides of the argument. First I think, "Well, some parents don't approve." Then I think, "But you COULD spend your own money. It's not like it's expensive."
Me: Awesome. Thanks for your time.
ColorChic: Whenever!

Fourth Interview: monimon

Me: Hey, tell me what you know about Why-Passes.
monimon: They are wastes of money for people who want to get into Whyville with no problems.
Me: Okay. Do you think they are fair?
monimon: No way! You're kidding me. My parents don't approve of Whyville, so how am I to have a chance to get a Why-Pass?!
Me: Yes... well, thanks a ton.
monimon: Forget it.

Think about all the facts and opinions that these Whyvillians have stated. Come up with your own decision whether Why-Passes are fair are not.

Lilbeaut, signing off...



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