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Silly City Workers: Whydating Woes Part 1

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How many times have you seen Whyvillians say "SINGLE? HIT 111"? I have and I've been seeing whydaters since 2003. For me whydating is an issue on Whyville. I am against whydating because of several reasons. Firstly, how do you know whether your girl/boyfriend is being honest about themselves? An insecure and desperate 9 year-old girl could be posing as a 17 year old teenager. Or a 59 year-old man might be pretending to be a 15 year-old boy. My second problem with whydating is that it leads to many inappropriate things such as having whybabies. It might seem cute to be a fake 'mother' or 'father' to a Whyvillie baby and younger Whyvillians think it's fun to start virtual families. But why? Don't they have anything better to do? Whydating is similar to loving a piece of plastic; there are no emotions and feelings involved. It's like dating . . . with your eyes closed.

So I decided to write about the whydating topic in this week's Silly City Workers issue. When producers at FOX's "The Moment of Truth" heard about Whyvillans' whydating ways, they decided to tape an episode on Whyville and asked users to participate. Bluebag is an avid online dater and she was one of the lucky contestants to be chosen. Bluebag was asked a set of questions backstage with a lie detector present. Now she is being asked the same questions on live TV. However before the taping began, the show's regular host Mark Walberg was nowhere to be found. So City Worker MediaWiz decided to volunteer as a replacement host . . .

Who knew MediaWiz had a dark side? What reason did MediaWiz give for Mark Walberg's absence?

Stage 'fright', eh MediaWiz? The producers needed more insight into bluebag's whydating history so they decided to question her past boyfriends . . .

It looks like the drama is starting already! Let's begin asking the questions.

I guess bluebag's not telling the truth. Thank goodness there are no clam prizes.

Ouch! I guess someone doesn't take rejection very well. Moving on . . .

It looks like bluebag is actually a 13 year old Grade 7 student.

I wonder if anyone would whydate bluebag if they found out this is what she looks like. It seems like bluebag does not take whydating seriously. MediaWiz was wondering the same thing so he decided to find out for himself.

I can't say that I was shocked with bluebag's answer. I'm sure most whydaters would agree with her-- online love isn't real. Is that how bluebag really feels about the question?

Thank you so much to bluebag, iamtodd and eric5675 for letting me use you in this episode. This article mostly conveyed my negative views on whydating. So stay tuned for Whydating Woes Part 2-- which will be more relatable to the whydaters.


Author's Note: Remember, all the events in this article are fake. That is not bluebag's real face, those are not her real online boyfriends, and that is not her real age or grade. Also eric5675's face was edited to make it look like he was crying.


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