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What I Was Missing!

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What I Was Missing!

Guest Writer

Hi this is Bluegal7... just a little while ago, I FINALLY was able to see the Times, for my computer wouldn't let me see it until now! And boy, it was sooo shocking to find out what I have missed!

I never knew Whyville had sooo much! It really is educational. And I thought I knew everything about it!

I just thought it was all about just chatting, making parts, and setting up petitions. I was wrong, all wrong -- well, maybe not all wrong, but I missed the point.

Whyville is about making friends, learning science, expressing your own opinions, getting a little artistic for face parts, and learning how to live out there in the real world. It's a real privilege to be on this website.

I finally understand why we need to BUY Why-Passes and not just pay for 'em with clams. It's because the people making this website need the money.

Why-Passes are a really good idea, believe me. Ever since we reached the 100,000 mark, Whyville has became too crowded, and if too many people enter it at the same time, the computers would crash!

The people working for Whyville need money to keep Whyville growing and the extra money could go to more plots, and more of our ideas set in the petitions coming true. It's just \$4.95 to pay, why not spare a few bucks? It's worth it.

Think of all the things you have learned through Whyville. Is Whyville really not worth it? Is it? THINK! Of course it is.

All I'm saying is, just spare a few bucks for our future, our fun. Don't hesitate to chip in! ^_^.

-BlueGal7 =)



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