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Halloween Forum

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I thought that the haunted house was very confusing!!! I couldn't get in! I found out the password and I took a piece of candy and told the bird, but then I was stuck about what to do next! I think that next year it should be easier to get in. No one would help me either! I asked around, but no one would tell me how to get in. It shouldn't be so secretive!

That's what I thought...

*~*~Pickle2~*~* :o)


Guest Writer


As I was campaigning to get votes for the Halloween Costume Contest the other day, I realized I shouldn't go around saying, "Vote for me! Vote for me!" like I had been doing all night. I mean, really, think about it... it's a costume contest, and people shouldn't be pressured to vote for others. They should vote for the costume that they HONESTLY think is the best! Ok, you might be thinking, "Oh, she's just bitter because she didn't win," and I admit that IS part of why this gets me so angry... wouldn't you be angry if you got over 100 votes and got diddly-squat? I think so!

Ok, as I was saying, most of the night I had been like everyone else, begging for votes, basically. But soon enough I realized that that is not the way to do it! This was NOT a popularity contest, people! It was a COSTUME contest! If you go around begging people to vote for you, ESPECIALLY your friends, you know they will... and come on, you have to admit that that is not the right thing to do. I'm not saying everyone did this, but I know a lot of people did, including me, for part of the night.

The truth of the matter is almost every single Whyvillian who attended the Haunted House and voted probably voted for their best friend or for someone who agreed to vote for them too. Now, you tell me, was it really a COSTUME contest?


Note from the Editor: Well, it looks like City Hall actually gave the top three winners one-month Why-Passes (check out the announcement here to find out more). What's the opposite of counting chickens before they hatch?


Guest Writer

Some people are superstitious and believe that on Halloween the spirits of the dead rise. I don't, but my big sister, grandma, and my lil' sis believe in it. It is their right to believe this. My grandma has always told my mom that Halloween's dangerous because of the spirits.

My lil sister thinks my grandma's a witch because she just started believing last night, when we watched this movie where a girl's grandma's a witch. Could this be possible? I don't think so, but some people do, and it's their right.

I wanna know what you think! If you Y-mail me a short story on why or why not you believe or don??t believe this witch stuff and warlocks and all those things, the best story shall be written in my next Times article. I just want your opinions on what you think of all the myths and tales and spirits!

Now, don't start to get all excited, 'cause I don't know whether anything about it is true, but other people do! So people, I wanna know, let me in on it by Y-mailing me, which everyone knows how to do! lol... (duh!)

Cya L8er people,

This is angulz signing off... *CLICK*



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