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Remember the Day...

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Remember the Day...

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Lilbeaut back and once again here with something very important. Remember the day....

September 11. It was truly terrible. I know, I know, it's been a while, but we need to talk about this. It's something you don't just leave alone to ponder about whenever you have spare time.

I've wanted to know how astonished, afraid, and basically what people have done to help. I interviewed some of our intelligent Whyvillians. Let's hear what they have to say.

First Interview: Angulz

Me: Hey, you know what happened on Sept 11. Were you scared when you heard about this?
Angulz: I know it sounds very unsentimental, but no. I wasn't and I'm never going to be. I live in Canada. I know I'm safe.
Me: That's good. Did you feel sad, or grieve about this terrible thing?
Angulz: I felt very sad, not only for the ones that died, but especially their families. They must be having the worst time of their lives. I did no 'grieving' but I did send money to the families that were victims. It made me feel a whole lot better.
Me: Do you have any other feelings about this?
Angulz: Yes. I feel very angry. Why would people do such a terrible thing? I say sure, you can hate us, but you can't just KILL innocent people because they just happen to be there. It's not right.
Me: Thanks a lot.
Angulz: No prob.

Second Interview: Athur

Me: Long time no see. You know what happened on Sept 11. Did you do anything to help out?
Athur: YES! You wouldn't have a soul if you didn't help those families who lost their loved ones.
Me: Yes. Very true. What specifics did you do?
Athur: I gave money, and sent encouraging letters to the poor children. I helped out at shelters and volunteered for anything that would help. I live in the countryside in New York. I need to help my people. It helps keep away the pain that will always be there.
Me: Yes, thank you so much.
Athur: Anytime.

Third Interview: Pickle2

Me: I'm sure you know what happened on Sept 11. What feelings did you feel?
Pickle2: I felt the greatest pain. I lost my uncle. He was a stockbroker. I also feel strong anger. Why did they do such a thing? It's just not right!
Me: I'm sorry. What have you done to help lose the pain.
Pickle2: I can never LOSE the pain. I can ease it. I sent letters to families that lost their dads. I know that they are feeling the same way I am. It helped a little. :0]
Me: Thank you so much for your feelings.
Pickle2: Hey, we need to talk about it.

See. We still are thinking about it. If you haven't done anything yet, I think you need to get off your butt and do something. NOW! If you think your teachers and parents are just plain bad (I will admit that can be true), think about kids who don't have parents. Who live in New York. I promise, you'll feel a whole lot better about the people you have.

Lilbeaut, searching for help...



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