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Whyville's First Concert

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Have you ever attended a live concert on Whyville? So far we've had TobyMac and the Cheetah Girls. But how many of you were at Whyville's first concert? The singer was Stacie Orrico, and she was promoting her latest album "Beautiful Awakening." Many Whyvillians turned out to see her-- over 6000 attended the concert!

Since Whyville doesn't have a concert hall, the concert took place at the Greek Theater. There were many tiers (rooms) in the concert hall. If you wanted to sit next to your friends you had to buy tickets in the same tier. A few lucky Whyvillians were invited to sit in Tier 1 with the City Workers. I was one of the lucky few. Can you find me? I'm squished at the top left hand corner!

You're probably saying to yourself, "Who's Stacie Orrico?" Many Whyvillians were wondering the same thing when Whyville announced her concert. Stacie Joy Orrico was born on March 3rd, 1986 in Seattle, Washington. Stacie was discovered at the Christian Artist Seminar in 1998 where she won top honors in her age division. At the age of 12, Stacie was signed to Forefront Records in 1999. However when she turned 16 in 2002, Stacie co-signed with Virgin Records. Stacie's debut CD "Genuine" sold over 13,000 the first week of sales, making Stacie the First New Female Christian artist to have the most cd sales. Since then, "Genuine" and a second album self-titled "Stacie Orrico" have sold over 500,000 copies in the US, and both albums are certified 'Gold.' Wow, that's a lot of accomplishments!

You can imagine the Whyvillians' excitement about meeting her. Everyone who went to the concert was allowed to ask Stacie Orrico three questions. We had to type our questions at anytime during the concert. To submit a question, you had to say "Ask Stacie". For example: Ask Stacie What is your CD called? After every few songs, Stacie Orrico would answer 2-4 questions and the Whyvillians that asked them were put on stage with Stacie. City Hall also asked Stacie questions about her music career and how she became a singer. Also, in between songs there were polls about Stacie's hobbies.

An hour before the concert, Whyville's real chatrooms were closed off. Anyone logging into Whyville were sent to a "waiting" room with stands where you could buy Stacie Orrico shirts or lanyards. During the concert, Stacie changed her outfit many times. After the concert, these pixellated clothes were sold on eBay. All the profits went to Stacie's favorite charity -- The Make A Wish Foundation. The highest bidding Whyvillians would be able to keep Stacie's face parts. Here are the many faces of Stacie Orrico:

This concert was a blast! Since there was such an amazing turn out, Whyville held two other concerts in 2007. The performers were the Cheetah Girls and TobyMac. But who do you want to see perform on Whyville? Post your favorite artists in the BBS. In the meanwhile, read the Welcome Page to look for upcoming performers.


Author's Note: Sources: http://imdb.com/name/nm1062757/bio


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