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CupOfCake's Sweet Advice: Too Much Sugar?

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Hello Whyville. Have you ever heard of a person being allergic to sugar? No? Well I am, and now you have heard of someone being allergic to sugar. Now when I say allergic I don't mean getting rashes, sneezing, or "spazzing" out. I mean that when I eat too much sugar I tend to have very disturbing thoughts.

Last summer I noticed myself eating TONS of sugar. I didn't think anything of it, because I've never had a problem with it. But the sugar-overload didn't stop at summer, it went through out the whole year. In that year I had noticed myself feeling worthless, depressed, and I noticed myself thinking about suicide. It felt like I couldn't live any longer, the thoughts were unbearable. My mom kept telling me to "change the tape in my head." But I just couldn't. I felt torn apart I often said my life's going to end soon (hoping that The Secret would kick in). But it didn't, I just kept attracting more depression.

My dad is a chiropractor and he practices holistic medicine. He is also against narcotics. My dad has a device called Biofeedback. The Biofeedback is a device that tells you EXACTLY what's wrong with you. It's very true too. When my dad ran it on me there was a lot of 'red', the red means what's terribly wrong with you. And next to the almost all of the red it said, "Sugar". Simply sugar was the reason to all of these suicidal/depressing thoughts.

I decided to go cold-turkey without sugar. With myself not eating sugar I felt nauseous. My body was so immune to sugar that when I stopped eating it, it affected my body terribly. Within a few weeks though, I saw a tremendous improvement. I was still slightly depressed, but I tend to believe that that part was all in my head.

Did you know that studies show some autistic children aren't actually autistic? They are just allergic to sugar.

Let's move onto the semi-typical tips.

How To Help Your Sugar-Overload.

-Instead of three or more soft drinks, stick to one. And if you crave something more after one soft drink you may want to try a Snapple iced tea.

-Instead of a whole box of whoppers, gummy worms, etc. Stick to about 10-20 pieces each day.

- If you start feeling bad or start having bad thoughts . . . yhen you will know it's the sugar. Once you know that try eating some protein or vegetables.

-If you start to eat protein and/or vegetables and still notice you're feeling horrible, try to go swimming or ride your bike to take your mind off of it.

I hope these tips will help to Whyvillians that are allergic to sugar. Also, I'm not telling you to not eat sugar, I'm just giving you advice on when to stop eating it.

This is CupOfCake signing off.

"O LORD, you have searched me and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways" Psalm 139:1-3.

Sources: My life over a year ago.


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