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Hello Whyville! Baxierox here with an important recognition. I know this award has been given out many times but I thought one more time can't hurt. So now the moment of truth . . . this week's Whyvillian in the Spotlight is Vancyon! (cue applause)

Vancyon, or Zach as I call him is very deserving of this award, even though he has been begging for it, because of his excellent personality. He is an energetic person, who sometimes can get annoying, but is also very caring for others. The following quotes were submitted by some of his friends.

"Zach definitely deserves this award and, I believe it is long overdue. Zach is an amazing person. Yes, he can be a bit much sometimes, but we forgive him because he's just THAT great. He makes us laugh, he makes us smile, and he makes us . . . cry . . .? You deserve this, Zach! WOO!!"

"Zach is one of the craziest, and most fun people I know. He is an awesome friend and he will support you 100 percent, but he will also annoy you to death."

"Zachary is like my bestest friend, and the most amazing person ever. He's Martin and I'm Stephans . . . don't ask how we got those names . . . He's a great friend, he always listens to me vent, which I do a lot. He helps me with my comic and always reads my articles before I send them in. I could write so much more but this could be a whole article so I'll stop here. Basically Zachary is amazingly awesome"

"Zach is the man! He's funny, kind of sick minded at times but still really funny and a great person to talk to. Oh and we also have arranged a wedding so I guess I like him????"

Zach has been on Whyville for 858 days since he first joined on July 10 2004. He is a y-mail helper and a Times writer. He also has his comic series in the Entertainment section. He is willing to help anyone when they need it. He is easy to spot because he always has his very own creative and unique look whether it be his old Christmas tree or his current monstrous look.

I personally don't know Zach very well but from what I do know about him he completely deserves this award. After you read this go into the BBS and extend your congratulations to him.

-Baxierox- _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

For this week's "Whyvillian in the Spotlight" I am nominating someone who is very well known on Whyville. Not only is he an amazing Whyvillian, but he has an amazing personality. You may know him as Zach, you may know him as the human eating Christmas Tree, I know him as Zachary, but to Whyville he's Vancyon.

Vancyon, has been on Whyville since 2004, and he's done so much for Whyville. Although Zach is a Y-mail helper, a writer, and an awesome comic maker, this article really isn't about how much he's done for Whyville, but more about how great of a person he is.

I don't even remember how I met Zach, but I know we've been great friends ever since we met. Zachary is my weird, funny, spamming, yelling, nudging, laughing, lingo-playing friend. Which reminds me Zachary . . . we haven't playing lingo in a while, so if you're reading this, we're gonna play lingo (and no you will not win). Me and Zach have some rather strange nicknames for each other. I call him Martin and he calls me Stephans, and no do not ask how we got those, because I'm not even sure we know exactly. Well, I started calling him Martin, and I think he just thought of something random off the top of his head . . .

Well anyways, Zach has so many friends, and not to mention a lovely wife, if I do say so myself. Well, they have an arranged marriage . . . but it's still a marriage. Oh, and also it was arranged by like the coolest marriage arranger ever! coughMEcough. Anyways, back to the point. He has like a bazillion friends, and I can see why. He's so nice and he can make anyone laugh. He's a great listener, he always listens to me vent . . . which I do a lot. And anyone who listens to me vent as much as I do deserves some serious props. He's also amazing at cheering me up and whenever I'm upset he can always make me smile.

Not only is Zach great on Whyville, but he's also does amazing things in real life. He's really smart, and really good at French. He even takes 2 classes in French; Social Studies and English. He's very smart and he's interested in politics. He also plays the tenor saxophone. And he's really good at video games . . . well at least I think so . . . he must be . . . because he talks about them a lot. He's obsessed with his wii and he has a countdown for the Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Zachary is one of the greatest people I've ever met so he really deserves this WITS.

- Morgan612


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