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What Will Happen?

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He, a friend, an uncle, a dad, a cousin, a person, a neighbor, I know him. He was nice at first but my head started to turn when I found something out. I was up late one night just waiting for my friend to arrive. I heard the clock that was downstairs strike 12. Yet no sign of my friend.

I was worried, and I ran franticly. My mother awoke from my loud footsteps. She was confused and sprung from her position in her comfy bed to see what the matter was. She wondered if us girls were just to loud.

I could hear her footsteps from the hall. She turned the light on and saw me crying on the floor. She asked me the question I feared my whole life, "Where is she?" I feared it because simply it scared me to feel like someone was missing. I hesitated to answer that question because I knew no but god had the answer to the question.

I tried to answer her but all the words that I was saying were stuck in my throat like a big pill. I tried and tried but still nothing came out. I couldn't bare it one more minute I ran to my notepad and wrote everything on my mind to her.

I guess she felt the same pain and worriedness I felt because she ran downstairs. My friend nor her dad failed to arrive at 8. I was worried at 11 but I was scared and worried at 12. What could have happened? Too many questions I needed answers to. I never thought twice about it, but I left with my mom.

If you could feel my heart you would be amazed. My mom started the blue pickup truck that dad had bought one month before. We drove for hours until we were about a mile from my friends house. At a corner that was hard to make because it was so sudden.

When we went on the turn my mom stopped quickly and my heart dropped. I felt relieved but at the same time scared. There they were in their car, a silver Honda. It was turned upside down. My heart threw out tears and screams. Mom and I unbuckled our seat belts and ran towards the car.

I used my emergency cell to call 911. They said that they would try to be there as soon as possible. After that, I caught up with my mother only to see Janie pale as cream and blood surrounded her, her father the same way.

I have no one to blame for the incident that took my friend and her dad's life. I have something to blame and that is alcohol. They found traces of alcohol in his blood. Now because of him I am wearing black, because of him I have lost my best friend, because of him I will never forget that night, because of him I blame myself. If I hadn't planed a sleep over Janie and her dad would have never been in that car. No one would have died.


Every hour 15 people lose their life due to alcohol or other drug related incidents.

Our minds are not fully developed until we are 21 that is why we are not allowed to drink until we are 21.

Alcohol slows everything in our body down.

Teens who drink most likely get into fights and commit crimes.

Most likely reasons teens drink:

To feel better and relieve stress
To fit in
To feel older

Take my advice don't drink alcohol until you are 21. Don't do drugs at all. Take a lesson from Janie and her dad. Never get into the car with someone who is intoxicated. Never mix drinking and driving. If you do either of these it will end like Janie and her dad's story. You will be dead. ~Rairai21

Author's Note: Sources:
My DARE notebook (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)


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