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An Unusual Victim Of War

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In Iraq was a German Shepherd-Border Collie mix. This dog was just another victim in Iraq. This dog had suffered a life of being mistreated by his appalling owners. But things were about to change when the dog met Brian Dennis, a U.S. troop.

When Brian first met the dog his ears had been cut off, which led to his name being Nubs. Nubs's ears had been cut off because the owners thought that it would make the dog more aggressive and alert. Nubs was always following Brian around on routine patrol stops. The marines always fed Nubs bits of their food and watched over the dog.

But having to go where Brian's unit went was having an affect of the dog. Nubs had already lost one of his teeth and had been bitten in the neck. In December Brian found Nubs near-death in freezing weather, the dog had also been stabbed with a screwdriver. Brian put antibiotic cream on the wound and slept with Nubs to give him body heat.

"I really expected when I woke up for watch he would be dead," Dennis wrote to his family in the USA. "Somehow he made it through the night."

Then the day came when Brian had to leave Nubs. He had to because his unit and he were going to be hiding about 65 miles away. Brian saw the dog trying to catch up to the Humvee as they drove away from the border. The dog could not catch up.

Two days after leaving Nubs, Brian was trying to fix his Humvee. He happened to look up and see a dog panting in his face. The dog was Nubs.

"Somehow that crazy damned dog tracked us," he wrote to his family on January 9th.

The only problem was; The Military forbids any pet to be in a war zone. Brian had 4 days to get Nubs out of the war zone, or Nubs would be killed. Brian decided that he would send Nubs to San Diego, California, to his family.

Brian found a veterinarian in Amman, Jordan, to get the care and paper work to send Nubs to the States. Brian's family and his friends had a mission to acquire $3,500 dollars to pay for Nubs to get to the States. An antagonist in San Diego, California agreed to care for Nubs until Brian's came back in March, from Iraq.

"We want him to learn to just be a dog." Captain Eric Sjorberg says.

Nubs made it safely to San Diego and is waiting patiently for Brain to return from Iraq.

This is CupOfCake signing off.

"This dog who had been through a lifetime of fighting, war, abuse . . . is going to live the good life," -Brian Dennis.

Author's Note: Sources: Ellen Degeneres (Not her website, but watching her on TV)


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