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Our Fashion Isn't Flawed

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I'm sure you'll all probably agree with me that Whyville is one of the greatest sites on the Internet. We've developed our own style of writing in the way of the Whyville Times. We've got our own style of chat using our funky traveling technology. We've also developed our own unique Why-Style. So why oh why oh why do people keep complaining about it and trying to compare our look to real life people?!?

Check out article 279. Yup, back in 2000, Akbar's parts were pretty fashionable (Not that there's anything wrong with Akbar's parts . . . but you wouldn't see anyone around with them nowadays). This was their fashion and no one complained. They don't exactly look like the real life models of today, do they? Their body's are square. Their lips' are bigger than their noses. Their eyes' are on their foreheads. But this was their style they were having fun so who cares?

There's one eency weency problem with trying to compare us to real people: we're not real. We are cartoons. Our heads on Whyville do not have the curves and the contours that our faces in real life do. Pick up a mirror. Take a look at all the different shadows your face creates. Shadows under and around your eyes and your nose, the dip in your chin, the little dip between your nose and your top lip. I ask you, does your nose really look like a line?

Whyvillians are only based on real life people in the very simplest terms: skin color, presence of eyes, nose (sometimes) mouth, neck, body. Good designers should only limited by their imagination. In real life you simply cannot achieve the sort of style you can on Whyville. It's just not possible. Designers should not aim to make our 2D cartoons look like 3D models because it will look boring.

Us Whyvillians have developed our own style. Just like the many people who dress in goth, prep, vintage attire do. We take influence from real life, yes, but we do not have to completely base our appearances on real people. If having your lips low down or having many layered hair looks fashionable on Whyville and is the trend then so be it.

Lastly, I'd like to discuss one of the main reasons people don't like modern day Why-Style; the lips. The critics are always saying that the lips are way too low down. However, I don't think people have properly touched on the reasons why the lips are down that low . . . it makes Whyvillians look like they are pouting. I'll use the Olsen twins as an example. If you see a picture of the Olsen twins, their heads are tilted downwards and they are pouting which makes them look more attractive (to certain people) but it also makes their lips look lower down. This has translated to Whyville to become of of the trends and it works. When lips are higher up they simply do not look good on Why-Models.

Whyville is a place for imagination and it is not a place for conformity. Whyville is a place for developing our own styles, our own newspaper and our own chat. It is not a place for being restricted to real life. Be as imaginative as you can be and if not, I'd rather you use the Why-Style rather than the real life style.

For now, I'll stay as a snail . . .

This is Cobd . . .


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