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Throwing Up Words

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I'm sick.

In a way.

All day I've just been throwing up words.

Saying what I've been thinking without even thinking before I say it.

It's not a bad thing. I enjoy it. And now I decided to put it down on paper.

This article is just me, throwing up words.

I don't know why I wanted to write all my thoughts down. I just needed to write. I enjoy writing. I often write too much. My teacher once took 15 points off one of my writing assignments because apparently I had written too much. Whatever.

She's really old (my teacher, I mean). Well, not really. She's actually only in her 40's. I think. It doesn't matter, because it doesn't change the fact that she's lazy. She's a lazy, not-so-old, annoying teacher. It wasn't a very long paper, only four pages. I've read longer articles in the Whyville Times. But I guess it was suppose to only be one page, front in back if necessary. Again, it doesn't matter. Let's read more about my incredibly annoying teacher.

She always dismisses us from class at least five minutes late. To make matters worse we're in her class right before lunch, so then we are late for lunch and have to stand in a really long line which wouldn't be nearly as long if she had dismissed us earlier. Oh. And because lunch is right after our class with her, when it gets towards the end of class she'll choose a student to heat her lunch up for her. She can't even get up out of her chair to do it herself.

I don't like her.

Today in Social Studies we had been talking about the Aztec and people were finding it SO funny that I kept getting them confused with the Inca. I think the Aztec are more entertaining than the Inca, personally. Although I am sort of mad at the Aztec for being defeated by men in skirts. I do like the Inca in some ways though, because they used llamas. I asked my teacher how much it would cost to buy a llama and she was rude and ignored me.

Haha. Do you see how pathetic I am? I go from talking about writing too much to talking about llamas.

But whatever.

I am just, you know, throwing up words.

The BBS entertain me.

Especially the ones for Why-Vogue.

So much drama.

I love it.

That reminds me of a preview I saw at the movies. I think it was a preview for Season 2 of "Laguna Beach". Yeah. That was it. I remember that I thought it was weird because at the movie theater they always show previews for other movies, but here they were showing a preview for a TV show. I think the movie we (me and some of my friends) saw was Last Holiday. I'm not sure. But speaking of, I love Queen Latifah. She's so funny. I liked when she was in the movie Taxi. That movie is hilarious.


I hate taxis. I really do.

The one time I had to take a taxi I swear the driver was taking the longest route possible. I could have walked and gotten to where I wanted to be in a short amount of time. Oh. And the car STUNK. I mean, it was a really bad stench. I tried to roll down the window to get some fresh air and the driver flipped out. He started yelling at me and pulled over the car just to get me to put the window up. It was absolutely ridiculous. And not to mention the whole time he kept the meter thing running.

Wow. I just got up to go and get a snack and when I came back into my room I realized it was FREEZING! I wondered why and then I realized I had the fan turned on, the heater turned off, and the window open while it rained outside. I also can't forget that the wind was so loud you may have thought there was a tornado. But it's Belgium and we don't get tornadoes. Fortunately. I lived in Oklahoma, which I hated, just because of the tornadoes. It was rather fun hiding out in the basement whenever a tornado alert came on the TV, but nevertheless, it was scary.

Now I realize that you guys might be mad or annoyed at me for getting off-topic, but really you can't be because this article has no topic.

After all, I am just throwing up words.

I'm listening to Infinity on High (go FOB!) and Bang the Doldrums just came on. I absolutely despise this song but I love, love, loveee the chorus! Love, love, love reminds me of the song "Hate" by Plain White T's. Do you know the song? I'm not a fan of it, but it starts "Love, love, love, love, love, love, loveeeeeee". Yeah. I hadn't heard the song before last week when I went to see Plain White T's in concert. I wasn't a huge fan of them but it was my friend's birthday and she got five tickets to the concert and she invited me to go and yeah. I would have felt rude saying no. Not to mention a concert is a concert and I love music. Plus I got a T-shirt. Haha. It's white and says Plain White T's in red and on the back has their tour dates. Technically though it isn't a Plain White T. It's actually a very Not-Plai-White-T. I still like it though.

Hm. Nobody has any idea how many articles I have stacked up that I never had the guts to submit :P I had six written to start a column, and then a lot of other ones in which I just sort of babbled on with an attempt to make a point. But they don't matter. Not now, anyways. I have them written in my math notebook though in case I ever have the courage to submit them. Why won't I submit them? Your guys' constructive criticism frightens me xD Honestly.

Anyways. Yes, I have my articles written in my math notebook. Math bores me. Seriously. It's too confusing and annoying (sometimes). I tend to write them when we are supposed to be taking notes. It works out pretty well, until my teacher wants to see what we have written so far (he checks every now and then). Then I make up some pathetic excuse. He's apparently incredibly gullible though, as he hasn't suspected anything a single time yet.

So you guys might be wondering why I had the courage to submit this article, the most pointless one of all, as opposed to all my others. The truth is, I'm not sure. Perhaps it's because this one is directly from my thoughts. It has what I wanted to say exactly how I thought it. Nothing has been changed from when I thought it to when I wrote it to when I submitted it. Why didn't I change anything? Because that would show that I was trying to write a good article when I wrote this, which wasn't my goal.

My goal I have managed so far.

My goal was to just throw up words.

I'm falling asleep while I write this. Well, not so much falling asleep, but my eyes are really dry so whenever I blink or close them for a second I can tell they want to stay shut. They stay somewhat-closed-on-their-own because it feels good, and it's also 3:42 AM (so says my blue watch). I keep forcing myself to keep my eyes open though.

I'm not going to stop writing. It's better than sleeping (right now, at least).

Hah. I read Jo's "Life Lessons" last week (Feb 27, 2008 edition) and I couldn't stop laughing. I was sitting on an exercise ball while I read it, and I literally fell off the exercise ball I was laughing so hard. Granted that caused me to hit my head on this metal thing that holds my bed up. But regardless, it was still funny. I was laughing as I read it, fell off the ball, hit my head, got an ice pack, and now I'm laughing again just thinking about it.

I stopped writing for about 10 minutes to read a book. Hah.

I finished it two nights ago. It's a really short book. Hardly over 100 pages. It's called "Don't You Dare Read This Mrs. Dunphrey". I stopped to read it because, well actually. Hold on. I'll get back to this.

Last week Glitsygrl wrote an article on inspiration. Well, the book "Don't You Dare Read This Mrs. Dunphrey" was definitely my inspiration to write and submit this article. I don't exactly know why either. It was a rather dull book. A bit cliche in some areas. It's about a girl who has to keep a journal of what happens in her life for a homework assignment. At the top of all but three entries she marks "Don't read this, Mrs. Dunphrey" so her teacher will know not to read that entry. Then towards the end of the book she suddenly changes her mind. She decides to let the teacher read every entry. The whole journal, every bit.

So I stopped for 10 minutes to read the book because I felt that I needed to just read a little bit more inspiration to carry on writing this. It's a bit sad actually, the fact that I can't just write an article from start to finish without needing a boost. But the book made me open my eyes, and feel like I was being a bit pathetic with not submitting my articles in fear of what everyone would say. I know, I'm officially lame x_x

So now there you go.

I threw up words.

I told you about everything that I've been thinking.

I've told you about my inspiration.

I've had the courage to submit this article.

Hopefully I'll be able to submit more after this one. Knowing what you guys think of my writing will make it easier.

I'll be praying that you didn't hate this article too much, and with that, I'll see you next week (or the week after, or after that. Or maybe never again. Hah).


Author's Note: To clear things up, "Don't You Dare Read This Mrs. Dunphrey" isn't nearly as good as "Twilight" x} Oh, and, if you enjoyed the article, then I suppose it can have a point. It's that sometimes without even trying, if you just write what you are thinking, you can write something good (or even great).

P.S. You guys in the BBS aren't as scary as I may have made it out to seem :) You're more entertaining than scary, I would think.


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