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Hauntingly Familiar Tales

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Hauntingly Familiar Tales

Guest Writer

I was wondering what people thought of the Halloween Haunted House and how many people had gotten around to going to it, so I asked around to see. Here's a few interviews I had with some current Whyvillians:


First interview: GlossGirl

Me: So have you gone to the Haunted House yet?
GlossGirl: No, I didn't hear abut it until today.
Me: Just today, huh?
GlossGirl: I'm probably not the best candidate to interview because I haven't been on in so long. I haven't gotten my Why-Pass yet.
Me: No, it's all right. How do you think you'll like it?
GlossGirl: Ummm... sounds cool.
Me: So how much have you heard about it?
GlossGirl: Not much, really. I did read about it in the Times.
Me: Oh, okay. Thanks for your time.
GlossGirl: You're welcome. :]

Second interview: LockH1

Me: Have you had a chance to visit the Haunted House yet?
LockH1: Yup! You bet!
Me: How did you like it?
LockH1: It was pretty cool but the never-ending staircase was annoying because it never ended.
Me: Yeah, but at least the stairs give you cool projectiles.
LockH1: That's true! You got all those spiders and cool stuff.
Me: So what was your favorite part about it?
LockH1: Ummm... just that it was dark and scary and it was a cool place to hang out.
Me: All right, thanks.
LockH1: No problem! But are you sure you don't have any more questions to ask me?
Me: Can you think of any?
LockH1: Ummm... no. But if you need someone to interview, I'm ready.
Me: Okay.

Third interview: Techno47

Me: So have you had a chance to go to the Haunted House yet?
Techno47: Yes.
Me: How did you like it?
Techno47: It's okay.
Me: What was your favorite part?
Techno47: Dunno.
Me: Least favorite?
Techno47: The kitchen.
Me: Why?
Techno47: It's boring.
Me: Do you think it's fair that you have to have the secret password to get in?
Techno47: No.
Me: Why not?
Techno47: How are people supposed to get in if they don't know it?
Me: So you think City Hall is being too secretive?
Techno47: Kinda.
Me: Were you able to find everything on the ghost's list?
Techno47: What?
Me: Nevermind... Thanks for your time.
Techno47: Okay.

Fourth interview: Mart

Me: Have you gone to the Haunted House yet?
Mart: Yes, I visited twenty times.
Me: How did you like it?
Mart: Loved it.
Me: What was your favorite part?
Mart: The stairs and the projectiles, I have two hundred of them.
Me: Least favorite?
Mart: The graveyard, it wasn't as long as last year.
Me: So did you find everything on the ghost's list?
Mart: Yes.
Me: Do you think its fair to have a password to get in?
Mart: Yes, because last year we had to find a certain piece of candy and it was tough.
Me: Wow! I didn't go to it last year, but that sounds harsh.
Mart: It was.
Me: Well, thank you.
Mart: You're mighty welcome.

So that's all. It seems that many people seemed to enjoy it... those who went to it, anyway.



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