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Have They Struck Again?

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Have They Struck Again?

Guest Writer

Nov 12 Kaboom

On Nov. 12, another plane crash in New York! About over 50 people got hurt and over 250 people got killed. You've probably already heard this on the news -- the plane engine exploded and landed on a boat! Let's hope this doesn't happen again.

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Guest Writer

Lilbeaut is back, with another problem around the globe. Some of you may have heard about the plane crash in Queens, New York. (They are having it rough there.) If you haven't, there was a plane that crashed into many homes. The engine landed on a boat and set it afire. This information is not for certain as I write this; it was all picked up from eye witnesses.

Lots of people lost their lives. The question is: was it simply an engine failure as some have put it, or have the terrorists struck again?

Before we answer that, some of you might not know the TRUE story of what happened. You think, how does she know what the true story is? I was there folks, visiting my Aunt.

What happened was this: I was in my Aunt's cottage watching some music clips, snacking on some (unhealthy) chips. YUM. Then I heard huge boom. (My Aunt lives very near where the plane crashed.) What happened?

I saw smoke about 3 miles off and I assumed it a fire. I went outside and went over to my elderly neighbor. We talked about it for awhile. We called some friends and made sure everything was alright. (My aunt was gone shopping.) We thought everything was all right until someone uttered the word "plane."

New York itself seemed to have caught a sickness. We were all in dread. It was terrible to see. "They've struck again," we all thought.

New York felt at the mercy of terrorists. It was horrible to feel and see. There were 255 people on board that plane. All died. As if that was not enough, the plane crashed into homes, killing more people. And as if THAT was not bad enough, the engine landed on a boat. The boat caught afire and sank.

Now. Was it the terrorists, or simply an engine failure? I've talked to some people that worked at the airport and collected facts on the internet. It seems pretty clear that the engine failed. The terrorists did not mess up the plane.

Its all been terrible. We've all had to take it in. It hurts, but the way to keep it away is to help out those that have lost a loved one. Talk about it with your family and find out what you can do to help these people.

The way I see it, these have been tests to judge whether we are really good Americans. Whether we will help each other when in need. If we will give, and share our feelings. Have we passed the test? In my mind we have. We have become the nation of all nations. We have fought the evil and became brother and sister. We are the true U.S.A.

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Guest Writer

Dear whyville,

You new article "Have they struck again" to me, is DEEPLY offending. No, The terrorists have NOT stuck again. Me being an American citizen and knowing the true facts find this article completely unnecessary. I am going to make sure that plenty of my friends boycott this article because it is unjust.

Some of the facts in this article are just not true. Yes, people died. Yes, it WAS an engine failure. But no it did not crash in like in the middle of Queens, New York. It simply burned in the Rockaways. And if you know ANYTHING about New York you know that the Rockaways is a quiet beach community across Jamaica Bay from John F. Kennedy International Airport. American Airlines Flight 587 was going to the Dominican Republic, and most of its 251 passengers were Dominicans coming home or simply visiting family. The vertical tail and rudder snapped off the plane during flight, and investigators are looking into that as one possible cause of the crash as well as what role turbulence -- created by a plane that took off moments before Flight 587 -- may have played.


Please for the sake of people, take this article off the Times for it is offending more than me. It is offending America.

Thank you

Editor's Note: To be clear, the Rockaways is in fact a part of Queens, although not the middle of Queens. There is no evidence that the crash is due to terrorist activities, but the authorities have not ruled it out either. We are very happy to receive reports and comments on current events from our citizens, be they opinions, concerns, or even outrage. The Times is and will remain the voice of Whyville.


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