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Why Do I Remember?

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Why Do I Remember?

Why do I remember?
Who cares, it's war, it's done.
It happened many years ago, for no one I know is gone.

But wait, why are you crying?
You see, I don't understand.
Why would you cry over these hundreds of mighty men?

I think now I know the pain that you must feel.
These people died for you and me, they died for us, for the country.

They left their families and their friends and went to war in strife, we must remember the Canadians that sacrificed their life.
They must have cried or been afraid but fought on for their life.
Some had died for freedom, for the safety of their loved ones who awaited at their homes.
Some who never returned to them but remained among the stones.

Why do I remember?
To know my freedoms will.
To remember those men, like you, who fought all the way through.
The bombs exploded all around,
a roar inside their ear, yet they fought for you and me, and for the family.

Why do I remember?
To know all I gained.
The freedom and the knowledge that was fought for and reigned.

Why do I remember?
Because I understand, that in love's courageous battle, no matter what, you win!
They fought for their families, and for you and me, in love's courageous battle -- our freedom won and guaranteed.

Why do I remember?
To cry for those who died, but show affection for their loved ones who are weepy-eyed.

Don't cry, I say.
But look at what you have won!
They may have died but died because of love!
The love of family. Why do I remember?
Because of you, you see!

** This is a tribute to all those who died in World War One and Two. Including all the countries. I mentioned Canada, but Americans and all the other countries are equally important. This is also a tribute to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and the rescuers that lost their lives.**



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