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What's up, fellow Times readers? It's me, Lovely432, and I'm back yet again to inform you about new and unknown artists and bands! I hope you like this week's installment for the column!

Let's get started right . . . NOW!

First up, let me introduce you to Collide (this is for you, xENEMYx)! Collide is an industrial rock/darkwave/techno band that was founded in 1992. The band has its own unique sound that blends together techno, darkwave, trip hop, and a little bit of Middle Eastern sounding music. Full time members of Collide include KaRIN (vocals/lyrics) and Statik (music/production). Live members of the band include Scott Landes (guitar), Rogerio Silva (guitar), Kai Kurosawa (bass/Warr guitar), and Chaz Pease (drums). The band released their debut album, Beneath the Skin in 1996. It includes the songs "Beneath the Skin" and "Strange". Beneath the Skin has 12 songs all together. In 1998, the band released a remix album called Distort.

After this, the band started their own record label called Noiseplus M usic. Soon after, they released their second album, Chasing the Ghost on October 31, 2000. It includes the songs "Transfer" and "Frozen". It contains 10 songs. Three years later, on April 22, 2003, Collide release their third album, Some Kind of Strange. It contains some of the songs like "Euphoria" in it. Some Kind of Strange has 11 songs in all. Exactly 363 days later, Collide released their fourth album, Vortex. The album has remixes of their past songs, like "Frozen". The album has a whopping 26 songs total! About a year later, in 2005, the band released yet another album, Live in El Ray, which is pretty much self-explanatory. They also released a DVD, Like the Hunted. Collide recently released three other albums, Shiver X EP and Ultrashiver on June 26, 2007 and Shooting Laser Beams on November 16, 2007, with Dean Garcia in a music project called The Secret Meeting. The band is currently working on their next album. If you like techno and darkwave music with a tribal, gothic feeling to them, you'll definitely love Collide!

The next artist I'd like you to know is (acoustic guitar plays) . . . Dave Barnes! Dave Barnes' music and voice can go into multiple genres, such as blues, acoustic, rock, and r&b. Dave Barnes emerged into the music scene in 2001. He released an indie EP on January 15, 2002 called Three, Then Four. It includes the songs "Sticks and Stones" and "Nothing Fancy". The EP has 5 songs in all. About two years later, on September 21, 2004, Dave released his debut album, Brother, Bring the Sun. It contains some of the songs "Crazyboutya" and, my personal favorite, "Until You". The album also features some of his acoustic songs from the EP played with a full band, like "Grace's Amazing Hands". The album has 11 songs total.

On March 21, 200 6, he released his second album, Chasing Mississippi. It has the songs "Miles to Go" and "More than a Man" on it. The album has 11 songs on it. What's cool about the song "More than a Man" is that, in 2005, Dave married a woman named Annie, and he said that that song was the first song that he wrote for her. Aww, how sweet! Anyways, just a few weeks ago, on April 1, 2008, he released his third album, Me and You and the World. The album includes songs like "Someday" and "Nothing Else". It also has the song, "Annie" that was also written for and named after his wife. Me and You and the World has 12 songs in all. Dave Barnes is an extremely talented artist and his voice has been compared to John Mayer's. His songs have a down-to-earth, folksy feeling to them and make you wanna stick your head out the window of your car just to feel the wind flow on your face and through your hair. If you like John Mayer's voice with a folksy, bluesy vibe mixed in, you have to listen to Dave Barnes!

Ok, we've reached the end of this article! I hope you liked it! Come back next week and find out about more new and not so popular bands and artists! Thanks for reading!

This is Lovely432, going to hang out at the Grotto in Whyville!


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