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Glitsygrl: I don't know what I could say about her that hasn't been shouted in BBS's, praised through y-mails, or just pondered out loud, "How could she be so amazing?"

She's one of the most famous and well-respected Times Writers in the history of our town, she's extremely intelligent, thoughtful, opinionated, stunning, and a fantastic friend. That last line seems to appear in every Whyvillian in the Spotlight, yet whenever I have to use it, i'?s always true.


What else can I say?

Ellie is one of the most creative individuals I've ever come across, and I don't even know her that well. It's just something you notice. Ellie, or BabyPowdr, has made one of the most prominent contributions to this site; simply herself. Her writing, her thoughts, I don't know what we would do without them.

I can remember the first day I started reading the Times. After one issue, I was hooked. I don't remember the article names or the subjects, but I do remember one name: BabyPowdr. Ellie ultimately inspired me to start writing for the Times. No one will ever capture how Ellie writes; no one. Even with years and years of practice, Ellie can write in a way that can totally change your mood, change your thinking, inspire you in the smallest and biggest of ways. It takes an extremely talented writer to do accomplish that, but Ellie does it in every article. Anyone who has read them has to agree.

I feel nervous. I mean, it's BabyPowdr. I'm writing part of a Whyvillian in the Spotlight for one of the most brilliant Times Writers out there. It's a bit intimidating, but Joa and I will try our best.

I'm sure that Ellie has inspired many of the new line of writers we have in the Times. Everybody wants to be able to do what she does with words. We all want to make them swirl and become alive and truly hit someone where it hurts, make them realize something, make them want to do something; we all want to write how Ellie can write. But it simply cannot be matched.

Ellie is also not afraid to speak her mind. In fact, she'll flat out tell you what she thinks regardless of who you are or you're feelings on the specific matter. Her BBS posts are always thought out and intelligent; I've seen her rant many times on things she feels strongly about. I admire that.

Ellie is a Times Legend, Y-mail Helper, not to mention being on Whyville for eight years. Eight years. That's huge. Ellie has seen the site change drastically over the years. She's been there through it all. Ellie teaches me, all of us, many things through her writing, her opinions, and her informative, usually long, BBS posts. Ellie never seems to hold back. It's what's so beautiful about her.

Xo7joa7ox: Summing up Ellie . . . and her personality . . . is probably one of the hardest things. She is so amazing in so many ways not one word can describe her. As Emmy pointed out, she is very intelligent, creative, honest, and opinionated.

Ellie is my friend. I can talk to her about anything from friends to school to food to politics, and she would listen and talk to me for as long as we were there. Ellie is also amazingly humorous and so fun to chat with, she can make me laugh about anything and can immediately turn one of my worst days to one of my best with a simple conversation.

I have been so inspired by Ellie in so many ways she will never know. Her writing inspires me . . . the points she makes in the BBS and endless conversations make me think about my own opinion. She has, whether she knows it or not, encouraged me to THINK about my opinions and not care what other people think. She has inspired me through the endless stream of words she pieces together and publishes, and I'm sure she has affected many others in the same way. I have formulated my own thoughts and opinions on things I've heard Ellie talk about, mainly because her words have made me want to do so. I want her to know that she inspires me to be better, to try my best. When she writes, I can't help but feel overwhelmed by her talents. She makes me want to inspire others in the same way. She makes me want to write, to think, to truly mean what I say. I can't thank her enough for that.

Her many diverse and unique talents cannot be described. She is so creative that a simple idea can be made into a suddenly interesting and vibrant story, or piece of art, or another article we get to read.

There's another word that fits Ellie. Vibrant. She's fun, energetic, and when she finds something hilarious, you can't help but laugh along with her.

Ellie is amazing . . . and for a lot of reasons I probably haven't covered. Let's face it . . . there isn't enough room in a single WITS article to tell you all the reasons I love Ellie.

Glitsygrl and Xojoa7ox: Thank you, Ellie, for an amazing 8 years, and hopefully many more to come.


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