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Easter is one of my favorite holidays, it has been ever since I was able to talk. When you think of Easter, do you think about eggs, Easter Bunny, flowers, etc? When I was little I always thought about that, but then, as I got older, I found the true meaning -- Jesus's resurrection. Now, this week's Why-Vogue isn't going to be very religious, but full of color, costumes, eggs, and other traditional Easter items. Also, as we all know, Mark was killed off two weeks ago and taking his place is Meagan, Mia's long lost sister (Thanks to Sim2girl1 for this idea! And Oprah (+) Sim2Girl1 for reuniting them.) So why do you keep reading this? This is, in fact, the Easter edition, so stop reading this. Really, go read Why-Vogue. Sigh, you people disappoint me. Here's the Easter edition of Why-Vogue!

That's So Posh

What's more traditional than Easter Bunny ears? Nothing! Bbdd made these spectacular ears, and you know they're going to sell out fast. So you'd better hop on on over to Akbar's.

Part Name: Fusha*CuteBunnyEars*Tammi
Designer Name: Bbdd
It's Only: 61 Clams

I found W0NDERB0Y hopping into the Easter spirit at Sun Roof.

CupOfCake: What made you buy these bunny ears, instead of the numerous others in Akbar's?
W0NDERB0Y: I thought that they were the most realistic. They were a good size, and I really like the half-flop. :).
CupOfCake: Do you think that these ears will sell out fast?
W0NDERB0Y: Most likely. Although, I don't think so. There are plenty of others that will sell out just as fast, if not faster.
CupOfCake: Is this an Easter must-have?
W0NDERB0Y: Definitely. Who is complete, in the Easter spirit, without a set of perfect bunny ears?
CupOfCake: Do you think Bbdd should have made a shirt to match the ears?
W0NDERB0Y: Yeah, it would definitely sell. I'm stuck wearing just a plain white shirt, because there was nothing that matched!
CupOfCake: Do you think the price is reasonable?
W0NDERB0Y: Yes, especially because people usually over-charge for 'holiday' or 'speciality' parts.
CupOfCake: If you could change anything about these ears, what would it be?
W0NDERB0Y: I don't think I'd change them at all.
CupOfCake: Would you recommend this part to anyone?
W0NDERB0Y: Definitely, they are super cute, and they're small enough that they don't, completely, take over your face.

W0NDERB0Y rates Fusha*CuteBunnyEars*Tammi a 10 out of 10!

What The Designers Are Wearing


Medal: Gold Medal - City Hall
Jesus Sign: Jesus Freak - Unknown
Hair: Suddenly - Supagurle
Hair: Boom Dynamite - Supagurle
Earrings: I Want These In Rl x - x1BRx
Eyebrows/Eyes: Watching New Eyes Again - x1BRx
Nose: T.S. Flat Nose - Unknown
Mouth: *Pout'A'Little'Bit* - Unknown
Shirt: The Musical One - Britrules and x1BRx
Necklace: Mags C-Thru Red Bead Choker - Magdalena
Necklace: To Match The Miz - Unknown
Earbuds: 8D Earbuds For Any iPod - x1BRx
iPod: Andreappd GREEN iPod - Andreappd
Lanyard: TobyMac Lanyard - Akbar


Medal: Gold Medal - City Hall
Rabbit Ears: Floppy Poppy Bunny Wunny - Avrilla
Hair: Muffin Squish - Unknown
Eyebrows: Black Arched Eyebrows - Claire33
Eyes: Lida - AItarboy
Nose: Finally A Good Nose - Avrilla
Blush: Non Mome Looking Blush - Labriz
Mouth: Lucious Grape - Unknown
Rabbit Suit: Fuzzy Wuzzy Funny Bunny - Avrilla
Easter Basket: Iggs End Baskit - Avrilla

I got to interview Avrilla.

CupOfCake: What is your favorite Easter part?
Avrilla: My bunny suit. Hahaha :).
CupOfCake: Who makes the Easter part?
Avrilla: I made it.
CupOfCake: Do you always dress like an Easter Bunny, when Easter is around the corner?
Avrilla: Nah, this is my first time. I've dressed as a bunny before, but not for Easter.
CupOfCake: Is Easter your favorite holiday?
Avrilla: No, I like Christmas more. Easter is bittersweet for me.
CupOfCake: What is your favorite accessory for Easter? i.e. costumes, eggs, pale colors.
Avrilla: Eggs! They're yummy and colorful, but they also are the symbolism for new life.
CupOfCake: Who is your favorite seasonal designer?
Avrilla: Don't really have one.
CupOfCake: How long have you been designing?
Avrilla: I first started in 2003, but I stopped because Whyville's rules changed and you needed a Why-Pass.
CupOfCake: What was the first part that you made?
Avrilla: I think it was a badly drawn blush.
CupOfCake: What was the first part that you bought?
Avrilla: Haha, man I have to go back a few years. It might have been a set of eyes by Dee, I'm not very sure.
CupOfCake: Who, in general, is your favorite designer?
Avrilla: LiEs, I think she's the best by far. All of her designs are so well drawn.
CupOfCake: What is your favorite accessory on Whyville? i.e. bows, hands, etc.
Avrilla: I'm not a big fan of hands. Fuzzy winter hats are good, Whyville needs more of those.
CupOfCake: What is your favorite part in Akbar's?
Avrilla: Icarus's Last Flight - Kfrorkim.
CupOfCake: Do you have any advice for new designers?
Avrilla: If at first, you don't succeed, try again. Honestly, it takes practice and more practice. You will learn from your mistakes, just play around and be creative. :).

Hottest Store In Akbar's.

Evlynrose Boutique - All kinds of parts - Evlynrose.

Whether you're looking for seasonal parts, realistic parts, or just over-all, great parts - Evlynrose Boutique is the place to go. You will always find what you're looking for, and it's not over-priced. Evlynrose Boutique also sells a few Easter items, so go get them while they're still instock.

Category of Parts: Realistic, Seasonal, Random
It's For: Boys and Girls alike
Price Varies From: 4 clams to 100 clams

Mia The Mannequin

Rabbit Ears: Easter Bunny Ears SNUG- Snugabug
Hair: What Hurts The Most- Ieatstars (buy two of these hairs)
Eyebrows: Not Too Arched- Covert87
Eyes: The Freckles In Our Eyes- xCRUNKIE
Nose/Mouth: Bunnynose SNUG- Snugabug
Rabbit Shirt: Bunny Shirt SNUG- Snugabug
Cross: Gold Cross Necklace- Evlynrose

Mia's look is "Hopping Into The Easter Spirit".

Meagan The Mannequin

Rabbit Ears: Velvety Bunny Earz *Shizznits* - Kaboomers
Hair: Grapejuice - Twigsy
Eyebrows: Not Too Arched - Covert87
Eyes: Scrawled On The Walls - xCRUNKIE
Nose: Realistic Nose For Sunroofer - Angel4678
Blush: *A Preetty Blush For U Sweetz - Girlyleo
Mouth: Chocolate Cherry - Kc12
Tie: Skull Scholl Tie - Racer456
Shirt: Yours To Keep - Magicbox
Shirt Extension: Yours Truly - Magicbox

Meagan's look is "Not So Innocent Bunny".

And just when you thought the Easter edition was over . . .

I noticed there weren't too many eggs involved with this Easter edition of Why-Vogue. This egg is just right, and you can even fool people at the annual Easter Egg Hunt on Whyville.

Part Name: Painted Easter Egg
Designer Name: Gothlh
It's Only 40 clams

Fashion Notes: I hope you enjoyed Easter week. I really had a blast, finding all the Easter parts, and especially finding Avrilla who was dressed as an Easter Bunny! I hope you have/had a splendid Easter 2008. And come back next week for 'Budget' week


Author's Note: Why-Vogue is not responsible for any scams, demented looks, or unknown part names for designer(s).


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