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Sensible Self: Horoscopes

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Unlike myself many people do not believe in horoscopes. They say horoscopes are silly and useless wastes of time -- and they are right for the most part. Horoscopes are silly but that's what makes them fun. You can learn about yourself and see if any personas of your sign apply to you. But you shouldn't live your life based on what a horoscope tells you. My astrological sign is Cancer and as mentioned in last week's article, the qualities of a Cancer are caring, compassionate, respectful and patient. However I am the opposite of patient!

In the previous article I interviewed some Whyvillians on their opinions about horoscopes. Amyjo123 had an interesting comment when she said "It says I am shy and I can be shy sometimes. But I am not really shy." This explains my mismatched Cancer quality -- at times I can be very patient. But I dislike waiting and want things to happen right away. I hate suspense and looking forward to something because that's all I'll think about.

When I first read my horoscope I was surprised at how closely my sign described me. Now that I view it daily, I can see that the predictions are not always true. For example last week the forecast was that I would have a terrible misfortune but at the end of the week I realized I hadn't lost anything. Maybe it is because I was being cautious by monitoring my money. But if horoscopes are seemingly 'real' then why didn't the hunch come true? The phrase "written in the stars" means something is bound to occur and nothing can prevent it. In Shakespeare's play "Romeo & Juliet" the two characters were described as 'star-crossed lovers' and they both end up committing suicide for one another. Perhaps the stars are not always right, proving the fact that the zodiac is not meant to be interpreted solemnly. So discover yourself in these horoscopes but don't take them seriously:


August 23 - September 22

Virgos are the epitome of hard work, determination and dedication. They strive for perfection and always try to put forth their best efforts. Virgos want the perfect environment to do their work so organization and cleanliness is extremely important to them. If you have any Virgo friends you'll know that they are loyal, considerate and caring of everyone.

Striving for perfection isn't always a good thing -- Virgos often lack self esteem and are never satisfied with their work. Virgos put a lot of stress on themselves and are sometimes cranky, crabby or anxious. They need to listen to the advice of others and take it to heart, and avoid getting influenced by their thoughts.

Element: Earth
Lime Green
Bat & Porcupine
Opposite Sign:


September 23 - October 22

Libras are often found to be best friends because they are co-operative and affectionate. Libras also have a knack for problem solving because they are rational, calm thinkers. They are honest and trustworthy, being able to keep secrets forever. Another quality of a Libra is passion, because they love art and generally have good taste picking out things.

Libras can be resentful of their ideas. They think too much when making decisions because they fear making wrong choices. Do not force a Libra hurry -- they hate being told what to do. But don't always let Libras make decisions for themselves because they linger too much.

Element: Air
Blue & Pastels
Opposite Sign:


October 23 - November 21

Scorpios use their imagination, and love fantasy and magic. Since Scorpios have such creative ideas, they are often the leaders of groups and they are successful at that. Scorpios welcome others to spill their secrets and thoughts to them, however Scorpios most likely won't trust you in return. Scorpios are called scorpios for a reason -- if they are ever betrayed by you, they will freeze you out of their lives forever.

Remember how Scorpios are trustworthy but they don't trust back? Scorpios have mystique personalities because they never reveal their true selves to anyone unless there is a strong bond with someone. Scorpios also have stinging personas because they fire comments if they feel attacked or invaded, and can be very cross at times.

Element: Water
Dark Reds & Black
Opposite Sign:


November 22 - December 21

Sagittarrius have a talent of finding others' talents. This is because they try to see the best in people. Sagittarius are optimistic and open-minded to change. They have a good sense of flair and enjoy thinking of original ideas. If you've got a problem, a Sagittarius will always be there for you. They are helpful because they are sensitive of others and know how it feels to be troubled. Though Sagittarius enjoy assisting others, they are impatient! They want you to tell their problem already instead of moping and taking time. Sagittarius like people who think similarly to them and if you question a Sagittarius or have a contradicting idea, they avoid you because they are hurt by 'negativity'. So they take charge of feuds and lecture you.

Element: Fire
Lapis Lazuli
Blue & Purple
Horse & Dog
Opposite Sign:

Everyone is different because we think and act differently. So it seems impossible to categorize people using their birthdays, and set personalities for them. Then why are horoscopes seem so real? Even though we are all unique and special in our own way, we all have similar qualities. This is the reason horoscopes are relatable -- the predictions describe us. And maybe if we come across a wrong forecast; it was meant for someone else of the same sign.

*Off to phone the bank!*

Author's Note: Sources: www.horoscopes.astrology.com


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