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State Tourist Atractions

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Hiya! It's Ddiva1996 with my own series, "State Tourist Attractions". This week I am kicking off with my home state of Tennessee!

The capital is Nashville, where one of the many cool tourist attractions is, the Nashville Zoo! The Nashville Zoo is very large with many cool animals, even a reptile house. Nashville Zoo is one of the several large zoos in Tennessee.

The state nickname is the Volunteer State because of the large number of volunteers in the war of 1812 and the Mexican war.

Here are a few more fun facts about Tennessee! The state flower is the Iris, the state tree is the Tulip Popular, the state song is "My Homeland Tennesee", the largest city is Memphis which also is the location of another large zoo, and the state bird is the Mocking Bird. For more state facts go to Google and type in "Tennesee state facts" and some sources should pop up.

Now it's time to talk about Tennessee's hottest tourist attractions. First on the list is Rock City! It was started by a couple, Frieda and Garnet Carter. Frieda Carter made the rock garden and Garnet Carter put in the fairy tale part because his wife like fairytale folklore. Rock City opened on May 21st 1932. For more information go to SeeRockCity.com

When you're going to see Rock City be sure to check out Chattanooga aquarium! It's separated into two buildings, the river one and the ocean one! But for a even better aquarium go to Gatlinburg aquarium, it's bigger and it has a shark tunnel! Gatlinburg and Pigion Forge have lots of cool things and tourist attractions. Pigion Forge has lots of stores, Dollywood, and shows.

Tennesee has several large zoos such as the Nashville Zoo, Memphis Zoo, and the Knoxville zoo.

That's all for this week bye,


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