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CupOfCake's Sweet Advice: Stress - Part 2

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We all have friends, don't we? And we do get in fights with them, sometimes over the stupidest stuff such as, "Oh my GOSH! You ate my corn dog!" or, "Your dog ate my friggin' rabbit!" Well maybe the last one isn't stupid, but the first one definitely is. When me and my friend(s) fight it's usually not for the reason we think it is (i.e. you ate my corn dog) it's because we've kept in something for a long time that really bothered us, but we never confronted each other. Which is a big problem with some of my friendships, we don't talk to each other about what is REALLY bothering us, we just let it bottle up until a big blow-out comes along.

Lying is one thing I can't stand. If my friends lie to me, I can usually detect it, but sometimes not so much. Even if you did it to not hurt my feelings, I would still like to know the truth, wouldn't you? Have you ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend cheat on you? And your friend knew about it, but she 'stretched the truth' by saying Timantha and Timmy were at the mall food court, not eating each others faces in the park? I know that friends mean well when they say that, trying not to hurt us and all, but it would hurt me even more to know that she knew about the incident and lied to me about something that I NEED to know about. And I know that not everyone is like this, which I fully understand, but we've all been lied to at least once, and we've lied to our friends at least once.

Have you ever fought over a 'crush' with your friend? You want the guy so bad, you've liked him since 8th grade, but your friend seems to be scoring with him and she's only known him about a month? And once they start going out, you stop talking to your friend and vow you will never forgive her, right? So here she is, two weeks later, at your door, with her mascara running down her face. She's apologizing and the whole nine yards, then she tells you he said, "There's someone else." Once your friend leaves, you get a phone call from the guy who just broke your forgiven, best friend's heart. He says he'd like to see you, so what do you do now? Get revenge on her, or let it slip (after all she is your once again best friend) and tell him see-ya . . . But yet, you have liked him for a really long time and this is a free country right? This calls for only one thing, no not Jerry Springer, TRIVIA TIME!

Welcome to Trivia With Cup.

Your 'crush' just broke your best friend's heart (although your best friend hurt you by going out with your long-time crush in the first place), and he dumped her for you! Now what do you do?

A. Go out with him, she'll find someone else!
B. It isn't right, you'll find someone else!
C. Get revenge on her by going out with him tonight.
D. Decline, but take a rain check.

Please, take a few moments to choose your answer. *DunadunaDunadunDunadunaDUNdundundundundundun*

Time's up, which did you choose? If you chose A, C, or D, you're screwed. As much as you might want the guy . . . B is the right answer.

I don't get paid enough to write for the Times and have my own trivia show, pfft, I see a writer/trivia strike in the near-future. Does this mean I'm physic now?

Let's move onto the tips with friends, good ol' 'crush' stealing friends.

How To Have A Open Relationship With Your Friend(s)

- If something bothers you with your friend(s) do not, I repeat do not, keep it in. Confront her about it.
- If you catch your friend lying, or you find out by someone else that she's lying, tell her that you don't appreciate it, and ask them why they keep lying.

Boyfriend/Crush Drama

-If you feel left out, now that your friend has a new boyfriend, and you feel like she isn't spending enough time with you . . . Have one day made just for you and your friend to hang out.
- If your friend starts 'flirting' with your crush, tell her how you feel about him. Even if she knows, it might've slipped her mind, so just remind her. And if she doesn't lay off, confront her.
- If your friend got dumped by your 'crush' and you were that 'someone else', tell the guy: no way. What are the odds of dating this guy for over a year? If you do go out with him, you've probably just ruined a really nice friendship. And as the old saying goes, 'Guys come and go, but friends are forever.'
- Try not to have the same crush and/or boyfriend as your friend.

Well, that was exciting, wasn't it? Until next week . . .



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