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Hey, fellow music lovers! Guess what? I'm back with more music! I hope you like the two bands I have this week! I know I do! So let's get started!

3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . make some noise!

Number one on the list today is (guitar strums) . . . The Dollyrots! The Dollyrots are a punk rock/pop band that was formed in 2000. Members of the band include Kelly Ogden (vocals and drums), Chris Black (drums), and Luis Cabezas (guitar). Amy Wood used to play the drums for the band, but left. Soon after, the band recruited Chris Black to take Amy's place. The Dollyrots released their debut album, Eat My Heart Out, on September 14, 2004 under the label, Lookout Records. The album includes the songs "Feed Me, Pet Me", "Kick Me to the Curb", and "Jackie Chan". It has 13 songs in all.

A few years later, on March 13, 2007, the band released their sophomore album, Because I'm Awesome. Unlike their first album, this album was under a new label, Blackheart Records. Because I'm Awesome includes the songs "Because I'm Awesome", "My Best Friend's Hot", and "Watch Me Go (Kissed Me, Killed Me)". The album has 15 songs in all. What's cool about The Dollyrots is that the two members who created the band, Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas, have known each other since eighth grade! If you like girl-powered, punk vocals and funny, catchy songs, then you gotta listen to The Dollyrots! They're amazing!

Okay, the second band I have for you today is (bangs on drums) . . . My American Heart! My American Heart is an alternative rock band from San Diego, California that was created in 2001. The band was originally called No Way Out, but because of legal troubles with the name, they decided to change it to My American Heart. Current members of the band include Larry Soliman (vocals), Jesse Barrera (guitar and vocals), Jake Kalb (drums), and Dustin Hook (bass guitar). Former members of the band include Keith Rich (bass guitar), Brian Warren (guitar and vocals), and Jeremy Mendez (guitar and vocals). My American Heart must have been through a lot of changes, since there are about seven former members of the band in all! The band released two albums, The Courtesy of the Stars EP and Certainty Kills EP, as No Way Out. The band released their debut album as My American Heart in 2004. The album is called My American Heart EP and includes the songs "Last Goodbye" and "This Won't Stop". The album has 8 songs in all.

A year later, in 2005, the band released their first full-length album, The Meaning in Makeup. It has the songs "Meaning in Makeup", "Process", and "Runaway". The album has 12 songs all together. Just recently, in 2007, My American Heart released their third album, Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather. It has the songs "The Shake (Awful Feeling)", "Dangerous", and "All My Friends" on it. Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather has 11 songs on it. If you like catchy songs mixed with good, alternative rock music, you'll love My American Heart!

Well, this is the end for this article! Be sure to check out these bands if they interest you! Thanks for reading!

This is Lovely432, going to check my y-mail!


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