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Exciting Rumors Abound...

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Exciting Rumors Abound...
Something's falling from the sky??

Guest Reporter

This is my first article that I have ever written in the Times. Anyways, I was going around town asking people what they thought about what was going to happen on the 24th November. There is supposed to be something falling out of the sky. What could it be?! Well I interviewed a few people and here is what I found out....


I interviewed Roxy881

Me:Do you know anything that is supposed to happen on November 24th, something falling from the sky?
Roxy881: I'm not sure. I've heard about clams falling from the sky though.
Me: Where did you hear this from?
Roxy881: I heard it when i was at the Sportplatz when somebody was yelling, "Guess what's gonna happen on the 24th!" Then ppl are saying, "Clams are going to be falling from the sky!!" (Does that make any sense?)
Me: Yes, it makes a lot of sense! Last question..are you going to this event?
Roxy881: Of course!
Me: Thanks for your time!
Roxy881: You're welcome!

Next I interviewed daboy

Me: So, what did you hear about the 24th of November? "Things falling from the sky?"
daboy: No, I didn't hear nothing like that.
Me: Then what did you hear?
daboy: Nothing about ne thing falling from the sky. I heard there are going to be bombs though.
Me: Okay thanks for your time anyway.

Then I interviewed rosepedal

Me: So, what did you hear about the 24th of November?
rosepedal: Nothing.
Me: Nothing? Nothing about things mysteriously falling from the sky?
rosepedal: oh ya clams are supposed to fall from the sky!
Me: Where did you hear this from?
rosepedal: The Times.
Me: Okay! Thanks a lot for your time!!
rosepedal: n/p (no problem)

So, this is what i've heard. What do you know? I guess we will have to find out when this glorious event occurs! This is Vicki02 signing off.....



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