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April Fool's

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Author's Note: This is the last article I'm ever going to write. APRIL FOOL'S! And what a fool you were if you were cheering about me not writing.

April Fool's Day comes on the first day of April each year. It's always a fun day; seeing as the pranks are endless! Whoopee cushions, the water flower, the electrical shake -- all classics and amusing, in their own special way. But what is the perfect prank? Many have searched for years at a time, I searched (not even searched, but made up one) for about 7 or 8 endless . . . minutes. But you have to wait until the END of the article to see the perfect prank.

My favorite prank has always been the whoopee cushion. I am always so amused with the sound that comes out of the flat flap. I remember I was at Publix one day with my mom, shopping for groceries. As soon as we entered the building I immediately ran to the baby isle (which is where the whoopee cushions are). I picked up a green one and ran to where the magazine rack is. There was an older man standing there, looking at magazines. After standing there for about 3 minutes I grew tired of faking that I was reading the front of magazine covers. So, out of the blue, I said, "Oh look, a penny!" As soon as I said that I bent down and put my knee on the whoopee cushion and out went a, "BRRRrrrRRRRRrrrRRRRUMP!" I think the old man had thought we were being bombed.

My second favorite prank is the fart machine. The memories with this machine is endless. Me, my family, and my brother's friend (Danny) went to Orlando, Florida, for a week. We were leaving the villas that we were staying at, and on the way home we decided to stop at one of the outlet malls. We were in a sport shop and my mom remembered that she had the fart machine in her purse. So, my mom told Danny (who gladly offered to do this) to go stand over by the socks where a tall African-American man was standing. Now, the fart machine comes with a control, so Danny took the machine and my mom took the control (the machine was in his pocket.) So, Danny goes and stands by the man and my mom pushed the button 1-3 times. The man, who was disgusted, started mumbling "What the h***, you've got some problems, dude." He just walked off. It left me, my mom, and Danny in hysterics.

I wanted to see what pranks fellow Whyvillians have pulled. So, first I found Hcogirl5.

CupOfCake: Have you ever played a really good prank on someone?
Hcogirl5: Yes, I have.
CupOfCake: Can you explain what it was? Don't leave anything out!
Hcogirl5: Me and my friends, in 5th grade, were at a birthday party. And when one of the girls went to sleep we put whip-cream all over her face.
CupOfCake: What did she do when she woke up?
Hcogirl5: She got really mad and screamed at everyone. Then she went home.
CupOfCake: Sounds like a sticky situation.
Hcogirl5: Yep.
CupOfCake: On a scale of 1-10, what would you rank this prank?
Hcogirl5: 6.
CupOfCake: Would you ever do this prank again?
Hcogirl5: No, I wouldn't. Because she got really mad at me, even though we sorted things out and still are friends.

Next I interviewed Tony116.

CupOfCake: Have you ever played a really good prank on someone?
Tony116: Yeah.
CupOfCake: Can you explain the prank? Don't leave anything out!
Tony116: Ok, well we called my friend and told him my cousin wanted to go out with him, and he liked her secretly. So he got all excited, and almost peed his pants. And then we had to tell him it was a prank and he got all embarrassed.
CupOfCake: What did he do when you told him it was a prank?
Tony116: He started yelling all sorts of things and called us bad names.
CupOfCake: Sounds rough.
Tony116: Yeah.
CupOfCake: On a scale of 1-10, what would you rank this prank?
Tony116: 8.
CupOfCake: Would you ever do this prank again?
Tony116: Yeah, probably.

And last I interviewed Glofer3.

CupOfCake: Have you ever played a really good prank on someone?
Glofer3: Yup.
CupOfCake: Can you explain prank? Don't leave anything out!
Glofer3: I put shaving cream in a towel, hung it up, and then waited for someone to take a shower. And then, when they used the towel they would get shaving cream all over them.
CupOfCake: Sounds messy.
Glofer3: It is.
CupOfCake: On a scale of 1-10, what would you rank this prank?
Glofer3: 6-7.
CupOfCake: Would you ever do this prank again?
Glofer3: Yes.

Well it's the end of the article, and you all know what that means . . .


This prank is illegal in Mexico.

Balloons, yes balloons. Not water balloons, not helium balloons, not even regular fall on the ground and pop balloons. A huge, yes huge, balloon filled with none other than . . . glitter. So you're probably wondering, "Why glitter?" Well, glitter is very hard to get off, and it sparkles!

1. Get a huge blow-up balloon at a prank store (if you prefer it to be a smaller balloon, go to Publix and pick up a bag of 15 balloons).

2. Buy a bunch of little bags of glitter, or one huge one.

3. Blow up the balloon.

4. Put the glitter in the balloon.

5. Plot to throw it on someone.

6. Once you've plotted, go for it!

I hope you liked this April Fool/prank article. Have fun with your glittery balloon.


Editor's Note: Neither the Times or Whyville endorse any of these pranks. However, if you are thinking of an April Fool's Day prank, always remember to be safe. And if you are on the unfortunate end of a prank, try to remember it is all in good fun . . . then if you are motivated, think of an even better way to get them back!


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