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Happy Birthday Whyville!

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*Blows horn*!

Whyville just turned 9 years-old on Thursday, March 27! The birthday party was celebrated at the Sportplatz, and you would not believe how many people showed up. We had a BC (Beauty Contest) and played Simon Says. Plus, there was a theater for you to watch videos created by some of the Whyvillians.

Let's hear what some of the citizens have to say about this special event.

linds113: If you have to rate the party from a scale of 1-5 (1 being the worst, and 5 being the best), what would be your rating?
kindgirl9: I would definitely give it a 5, it was really fun!
cohenlm: I would say a 5 because of how creative it was.
morgie230: I would say a 2, because if Whyville is going to have a birthday party, which is a pretty big thing to me, there needs to be things that have to do with Whyville itself, not Beauty Contests or Simon Says.
pinkfly07: If I had to rate this party from 1-5, I would give a 3 as it wasn't too bad but it had nothing different from other parties Whyville has had in the past that would make me want to go to this party. But I liked how the voting for the contest was done differently from the New Year's party.

linds113: What was your favorite thing to do there?
kindgirl9: I really didn't have a favorite thing but I like the Simon Says and Beauty Contest.
cohenlm: Watching the videos from creative Whyvillians, of course!
morgie230: I liked that we got to watch movies of other Whyville citizens.
pinkfly07: Making new friends, playing Simon Says, and watching others get in their party spirit by dressing up.

linds113: If you could add anything else to this party, what would it be?
kindgirl9: A line to get on stage because I couldn't figure out how to get on. A stage line would make it easier for people like me to get on stage.
cohenlm: Hmm . . . hard one. I don't think anything because it was really fun!
Morgie230: I would add a timeline of Whyville, with big events that happened and the new citizens could see how Whyville has changed over the past 9 years.

What a fun party it was! I can't wait 'til next year.



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