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Welcome to budget week! This week's Why-Vogue is going to be completely different from any another that I've done before. I've taken out all the sections, besides the mannequin one. And, as you're peaking down, you see a lot of heads, right? Well, there's a reason for that and it is: fully-made heads are a great way to save your clams. This Why-Vogue is mainly all about different heads, and I hope you'll enjoy it. Here is Why-Vogue's budget week:

You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Head Is About You.
If you're looking for a head, fully-made, and pretty cheap, than these heads are perfect. And they're both under 100 clams!

Head Name: Bow Chicka Wow Wow.
Designer's Name: Manorexic.
It's Only: 60 clams.

Head Name: Newb Another Choice By Evlynrose.
Designer's Name: Evlynrose.
It's Only: 40 clams.

You're such an animal!
I always see 'virtual animals' all over Whyville, and they're so cheap, why wouldn't you have one?

Head Name: Are Cows Really Holy?
Designer's Name: BratPratt.
It's Only: 49 clams.

Head Name: Dinosaur.
Designer's Name: Sweetcic9.
It's Only: 30 clams.

Where's My Shirt?
These two heads, in my opinion, are the best in Akbar's. The only problem is: they haven't got any shirts! The heads are reasonably priced, now you just need to find a good shirt and you could have a whole outfit for under 150 clams!

Head Name: Complete Head Porche.
Designer's Name: Porche13.
It's Only: 20 clams.
Shirts That Go With This Head: Club Night - ImVicious (20 clams), Double Up - Porsche26(35 clams), and March - Porche13(20 clams).

Head Name: Food Stamp Recipient.
Designer's Name: OldTime.
It's Only: 69 clams.
Shirts That Go With This Head: Guys Navy Sweater By EvlynRose (35 clams), Skeletion Tee *Limited Time* - Kitadoll(15 clams), and Jimith'''''''''''''''''''''''''' - Rex13 (57 clams).

Mia The Mannequin:
*I'm going to try and get a full-look for under 300 clams.

Hair: Goodbye - Ieatstars, 80 clams.
Eyebrows: Not Too Arched - Covert87. 25 clams.
Eyes: And Then We Kiss - Magicbox. 35 clams.
Nose: Nose For The Realistic Sunroofer - Senceless. 13 clams.
Mouth: |o0| Playin' the Game |o0| - Weathercr. 12 clams.
Shirt: Hold On - Ieatstars. 60 clams.
Bringing our total to . . .

Mia's look is 'casual'.

Meagan The Mannequin:

Hair: They Would Sit And Talk - Alison423. 70 clams.
Eyebrows: Not Too Arched - Covert87. 25 clams.
Eyes: Rough Day Gold Digging - xCRUNKIE. 79 clams.
Nose: Nose For Realistic Sunroofer - Senceless. 13 clams.
Mouth: Chili Pepper Red Lips - Over30. 20 clams.
Shirt: I Love Johnny Depp Shirt - Magicbox. 40 clams.
Bringing our total to . . .

Meagan's look is 'homely'.

Additional Details: Meagan made some bad decisions out of high school (mushrooms) and watched Fantasia too many times. And it just sort of clicked.

Fashion Notes: Budget week, ah. I am very aware that the mannequins looked high this week, and, to tell you the truth, it was hard to get a full-look for under 300 clams. But enough with that, next week is celebrity week- and it's going to be shweeeeeet! So tune in next week for celebrity week.

Author's Note: Why-Vogue, in this issue, is responsible for demented looks.


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