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Big Kids Don't Cry

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Here are the results to a survey I gave to a few people around Whyville. Yes, everyone, my first ever interview. A short one, but an interview nonetheless.

wwrlm: Would you admit to ever crying?

LuvU12343: Yes.
cohenlm: It really depends. If I was trying to keep a secret then no, but normally yes.
cutedoll1: Yes.
NaruHina9: Yes.
cbbs11: Not all the time.
zacky101: Yea.
xolova03: Yes.
3lkchc: Depends on what about and to who.

wwrlm: If so, what about?

LuvU12343: A break up.
cohenlm: I would cry about missing my father whenever I would see someone with their family. It's sad when I see him like once a year.
cutedoll1: I would cry over breaking up with someone.
NaruHina9: Crying about someone I love dying.
cbbs11: My family, sometimes when I listen to sad songs they make me think about family problems that I face.
zacky101: Getting hit by my evil mother xD.
xolova03: Family divorce, loss of a friend or a boyfriend . . .
3lkchc: If I cry it is normally because something happened to something/one that was really close to me.

wwrlm: How often do you cry?

LuvU12343: Not a lot, actually.
cohenlm: I hardly cry because there's really nothing to cry about since I am sheltered, I have food, ect.
cutedoll1: I cry sometimes, but not a lot.
NaruHina9: Not a lot anymore.
cbbs11: About once a week. Sometimes once a month.
zacky101: Not much, LoL, and no, I don't care about telling anyone.
xolova03: I cry about six times a month. The only reason is because I cry about my parents fighting so much. And . . . about my old boyfriend. I recently lost a friend and I've been thinking about it.
3lkchc: Maybe once a month.

How many of you will steadfastly reply, "I don't cry," when asked when you last shed tears? I'm betting most boys will keep to their tough-guy image, as is expected of them, and will deny ever showing that kind of weakness.

Girls might admit to crying a little sometimes, but then again, it's more acceptable for girls to be emotional. But really, why do people cry?

You can cry when an animal or a loved one dies, or when you lose a close friend. Or you could cry just to cry, to release stress that has built up over a long, hard day. People cry for many reasons.

Ever noticed that little kids seem to cry all the time? Why is that? I have a little brother who seems to always cry for absolutely nothing. Little kids cry when they skin their knee, or even if they don't get what they want. That's okay though, because they are little. If a big, tough football player cried when he fell, how many of you would call him a sissy? Even if the same thing happened the day before to your little sibling, and you rushed to see what was the matter, and to comfort them.

Why is it that tears are seen as a sign of weakness? How come people will lie and say that they don't cry just so they won't be ridiculed as a wuss or a weakling. Society just doesn't want you to show your emotions. They expect you to buck up and to grow up. But why should we?

On the outside, I am strong willed and know what I want. On the inside, I am a scared little girl. When people make fun of me, you will just see me laugh it off, but inside I am just wanting to sink under the table and cry my eyes out.

I'm having a horrible day already, ma'am, please don't comment on my choice of dress. But she does, and I have to make sure not to tear up, or I will just earn more scoffs. How many of you are the same way?

Gender roles are switching, and society is changing. It is getting more acceptable for men to cry, but still not in public. It still isn't all the way okay for anyone to cry in public.

Why is it that way? Why can't we express our emotions? Is it such a big deal if a grown man cries? My grandfather died, and my brother didn't shed a tear, even though he loved him just as much as I did. Why is it that he thinks if he cries, he will be ridiculed?

Fathers everywhere scorn their sons when they cry, using the famous "big boys don't cry" phrase. This is a horrible thing to tell your child, because they will carry it with them for the rest of their lives, battling their inner emotions.

I think it has always been this way. When we grow up, we are expected not to cry. But I am telling you, cry if you need to. Just release your inner turmoil, don't bottle it up. Cry for a lost family member, cry because a friend has deserted you or your little puppy has been lost, cry because you just need to cry.

I'm not saying everyone needs to cry all the time, I'm just saying that we shouldn't be afraid to cry. We may be grown up, but we need to cry when we skin our knee too. We aren't oblivious to pain. We hurt too.

The girl who just feels like crying, wwrlm

Author's Note: Extra special thanks to the wonderful people who agreed to do the interview for this article! Also, I know everyone complied and admitted to crying sometimes, which doesn't agree with what I said, but if you asked people in real life, I don't think they'd be so open. x]


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