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Y2K: The Big 2000

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Y2K: The Big 2000
How do you see the future?

by Vanilla
Times Reporter

A lot of people were a little uneasy about the change of the New Year. There were many somewhat scary rumors going around about the worst things that could happen, but they were not true at all. But for others, Y2K was a very exciting change and something to look forward to.

For those of you who are still a little geeked about the change of the New Year and what might happen, this is for you. The world is not going to end. It didn't before the change, and won't after. In the year Y1K, did the world come to an end? Of course not; otherwise we wouldn't be here! If it didn't happen then, it won't happen now. The world won't end until the sun burns out (which is in the year 6,000,000,000 or around there) or until we destroy the Earth itself with chemicals. The biggest problem that we thought we were going to have to face was the computers being a little confused about the date, but that only happened to a few people.

As for the good things, well, that was just unpredictable. No one really knew what new things were going to happen in the new millennium. It was a very "different" change. And still, people are wondering what will happen in the future.

I interviewed a few people about what they think and hope will happen in the years to come.

My first interviewee was hockEdude.

Vanilla: What do you think will happen in the years of 2000?
hockEdude: Well, that's hard to tell. There are many things that could happen.
Vanilla: Well, why don't you tell us?
hockEdude: For one, I know the world isn't going to end. It just won't happen, and two, I think that there are going to be many medical and technological breakthroughs.
Vanilla: Is there anything that you wish for in the future?
hockEdude: I wish for a cure for AIDS and cancer and something that will end all world corruption of evil and war.
Vanilla: I see. Well, is there anything else you would like to add?
hockEdude: Actually, yes. For all of the people that are scared: don't be.
Vanilla: Thanks hockEdude!

The next person I interviewed had a very interesting theory and perspective on how our world might be that is somewhat like the image of the Jetsons lifestyle.

Vanilla: Thanks for volunteering to be interviewed! Well, what do you think will happen in the new millennium?
*AngelGurl*: Well, I think that the world is going to be very different than what it is now.
Vanilla: Like how?
*AngelGurl*: Well, I think in, like, the year 2010 or so, we won't be using cars anymore.
Vanilla: What do you mean?
*AngelGurl*: You see, we will be driving around in cars that fly around, like in the Jetsons!
Vanilla: Oh, I see. Now that would be cool.
*AngelGurl*: Yeah, and I also think that we will be living with aliens or something because we will have such big technology breakthroughs!
Vanilla: Thanks for your time!

There was no way I was gonna stop at only 2 interviews; the things people have to say are very interesting. I went looking for more people that were willing to share their thoughts and ideas, but this time, I was just going to ask the same question. Some people have very different opinions about the very same question, "What will the 2000 years be like?"

Mandie: It won't be like anything the scientists say it will be like

Andrea: Nothing much will change.

BlueGurly: I think it will be just like it has always been, except for some technological and economic boosts of information that we will discover.

Goddess: Who knows what the future REALLY holds?

SmileGirl: Nothing will change.

Coolpig: Probably nothing will change.

PinkGurly: Pretty much what our Earth is like now but maybe a little more sophisticated. I hope that the phrases "You go girl!" and "My bad!?" will be ELIMINATED!!!!

Blondie: Well, I think that the world is going to be just about the same way it is now but with smarter devices and junk like that

Eighteen: Maybe we will have, like, flying cars or something


Anonymous (wished to remain unknown): I think that the Earth might interact with another planet or another universe because there will be so many breakthroughs in technology and everything. The world will be a smarter and maybe a more technical-robot-like world.

Well, that's all I have for this issue! The opinons of people are so different and very interesting, and so are the people. I hope that you will check out my next article in the Whyville Times!

Y-mail me if you have an idea for an interview, article, want to be interviewed, or if you just have a question.


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