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Soon to Face Extinction

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Dear Fellow Whyvillians,

We saw it coming. The reality is now here. Global Warming will result in a further alarming decline in polar bear populations, leading to the horrible thing of extinction within forty years. You can help stop this horrible travesty from ever happening if you just stop the pollution.

The air that is here also ends up there in the Arctic. If we stretch out two hands, we can save our world from animal extinction.

As a concerned Canadian, I urge you, Whyville, to learn more about how to save this gentile creature and our mother earth. I know it may not matter to you now but in the future, you will see that this is no joke, its reality and it can happen some day. If you know more about this creature, maybe you will understand more what they are going through.

The polar bear is the world's largest terrestrial carnivore; it spends much of its life on the frozen sea. If this ice would to melt because of the effect of global warming, these poor innocent animals would drown. You can help if you stand up and tell people the importance of this world and to stop abusing it.

Littering, smoking, exhaust, and dumping in lakes, rivers, and oceans can all lead to a terrible effect to this earth. As we all know, we all litter and as a part of us grow, we start understanding that it's wrong. The other half continues to do this, acting like nothing is wrong with it. They are wrong to think that one wrapper or one smoke will not affect people all over the country. It's got to stop.

Don't let people make you believe that something that doesn't matter in the world. Everything matters. This could happen one day and all of us will feel guilty. Sure we don't really know when it will happen, but let's make sure no future that will have this. Let's stop it from happening. Take a stand and believe we can make a difference in the world. We can make a better tomorrow with nice clean air.

Whyville, help stop the madness; stop this from being our future. Remember, you can make a difference.



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