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Flawed Fashion: Masked by Makeup

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Ah, makeup. The sparkly substances that females cover their faces with. They're really trying to bring out their 'best features' by masking their flaws.

One of the most prominent people who use makeup, are celebrities. Celebrities are too self-indulged and enjoy reassuring themselves that they're beautiful. The only way, in their eyes to achieve beauty, is through cosmetic procedures or by shielding their flaws with the help of makeup.

Keep in mind that stars are real people just like you and I. Except there is one small difference -- tabloids are constantly fixated with the popular stars of today. Any woman that is consistently criticized by the world, would need to have a 'safety net' and some protection from the cruelty of the media. Therefore they use their makeup to make themselves look gorgeous. Their makeup is one of the reasons why regular people envy them. In their defense, celebrities must always look their best because they have reputations and expectations to live up to.

However, the constant use of makeup can be damaging to one's face. If you wear a ton of makeup all the time, you are damaging your skin. One way to avoid this is to cleanse your skin thoroughly with good quality skincare products. Also, avoid wearing makeup all day, especially when you go to sleep at night. But considering that celebrities have several events in one day, they don't have enough time to give their faces a 'break'.

What do these starlets look without minimal or no makeup? Here are the best and the worst.

The Worst

Pamela Anderson

Estimated Age: 43
Current Age: 40

Pamela's face looks fuller, which makes the wrinkles on her face stand out. Even the deep lines on her face and on the corners of her mouth are visible.


Estimated Age: 48
Actual Age: 49

Madonna's hair isn't as shiny or groomed as it is on the red carpet. Her face is also isn't as wide, and there are wrinkles on her saggy skin. Though it isn't very clear, Madonna's mustache is showing.

Holly Hunter

Estimated Age: 64
Actual Age: 50

Holly Hunter aims to look as young as possible and fans are always shocked to discover her real age. Their reaction is always 'Wow, how does she look so young?' Ah, with the help of makeup! Without this solution, Holly Hunter looks like a senior citizen.

Eva Longoria

Estimated Age: 33
Actual Age: 32

Personally, my first reaction to Eva's face was pure shock. Eva's visage is discolored -- in some places she's tan and in other places there are tints of white and pink. It also seems as if she's been too busy to wax her mustache.

The Best

Drew Barrymore

Estimated Age: 30
Actual Age: 32

Drew looks slightly paler than her usual made-up self but her baby face is still recognizable.

Heidi Klum

Estimated Age: 33
Actual Age: 34

Supermodel Heidi Klum looks fresh and relaxed, and her skin is flawless!

Hilary Duff

Estimated Age: 18
Actual Age: 20

Hilary Duff seems tired, however her skin is glowing.

Jennifer Garner

Estimated Age: 36
Actual Age: 35

Jennifer's face looks a little 'sunk in' and her skin seems to be billowing on her bold cheek bones. Nonetheless, if she were smiling she would look identical to her made-up face.

Penelope Cruz

Estimated Age: 33
Actual Age: 33

Like Drew Barrymore, Penelope Cruz looks much paler than her regular, red-carpet self.

I asked a group of anonymous Whyvillians to estimate these celebrities' ages by looking at their natural faces. One similarity of the estimations was that most of the 'Best' celebrities looked younger than their actual age. The opposite rule applied to the 'Worst' celebrities. Makeup and the sun affects your face by making you look paler and creating dark spots and lines on your face. Another similar attribute that these celebrities seem to have different facial features. Their skin isn't as tight and pulled back. Their cheekbones are distinguishable through their floppy skin.

As I mentioned before, stars are met with constant scrutiny from the media. So it is only rational to say that the paparazzi would try to take the worst pictures of celebrities. The cost of doctoring good pictures is very high, and it is much simpler to take a terrible picture to attach to a fabricated story. None of these celebrities are smiling and posing for the camera. Their faces are shifted away from the lens -- unless they're on the red carpet. When bad angles, terrible paparazzi, and awful lighting are combined -- the result is unflattering pictures. These celebrities were most likely caught in surprising moments. But isn't that the point of the pictures? To show what celebrities truly look like, when they're doing activities that regular people do? When celebrities want to be seen, they pose and smile, and look stunning. But when they don't want to be seen, they don't look as glamorous as their made-up selves. I believe that these pictures are as real as they get and those who attempt to defend the celebrities are just used to seeing them glammed up. Makeup helps you run away from your flaws, but your flaws will always exist.


Author's Note: Sources: www.celebedge.sympatico.msn.ca


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