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Not Like Them

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There are a lot of groups/bands out there that make great music and songs that you would love, but they are just waiting to be discovered. I am glad I found out about Not Like Them, better known as NLT, because I fell in love with them (and their main lead singer, Travis Garland) right away. If you like Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Destiny's Child, or any artists similar to those, I think you'll really enjoy listening to NLT's music. I, on the other hand, usually listen to pop/rock but take pleasure in their music anyway.

(From left to right): Travis Garland, V Sevani, Kevin McHale, and JJ Thorne.

NLT is an American boy group from Texas and California (2 members from each state). After Chris Strokes (a record producer, manager, and film director) told V (then, 14 years old) that he could create a musical group, he decided to ask JJ (then, 13) to join. The two of them were able to find Kevin, who was a Dallas resident, through an agent. Kevin's sister suggested that one of her theater actors, Travis, should join the trio. Before they knew it, they had become a group of singers, dancers, and actors.

NLT was signed to Geffen Records and TUG Entertainment. Their single called "She Said, I Said", produced by Timbaland, was a hit. The video for that song once premiered on TRL. They also have other singles, "That Girl" and "Karma". They made an appearance in Bratz the movie singing "Heartburn", a song also included in the movie's soundtrack. If you have seen the movie Jump In on Disney Channel, then hopefully, you have heard their song "It's On" (it was the first song you hear).

NLT's debut and self-titled album was supposed to be released in February, but was pushed back to spring/early summer due to the fact that some of their songs were leaked on the Internet.

For more information/latest news on NLT, check out:

www.nltonline.org (their fan site)

Until next time,

Author's Note: Sources: Wikipedia, NLT's official Myspace


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