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The Ripple Effect of Violence

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Fellow Whyvillians be aware,

Violence is everywhere and it takes away the true virtues of a society. It turns a city, town or country from a value to a vice in a matter of days. Please be aware that violence is everywhere and we have to stop it.

A few weeks ago, a woman named Louise Russo came to my school in Canada. Violence affected her life; it turned her life from perfect to horrible and impossible in one day. She came to my school and told us a story; this story was how violence struck her. She a wife and a great loving mother. One Saturday afternoon she picked up her daughter from cadets. Without hesitation she turned to her daughter and asked her if she wanted to get something to eat. This is when violence took its part in ruining Louise Russo's life.

She went in to get the food while her daughter stayed in the car. Thirty seconds later she heard a loud noise, like shattering glass. At that moment she felt the excruciating pain of a bullet shattering her spine. She was immobilized and couldn't move. Lying there on the floor as everything went blank.

"My sweet daughter, my angel," Louise thought as she lay there on the floor. She told us that she saw nothing but a beautiful light, a light so bright and so wide. A voice came to her in her head, "Louise, it's your time." "No," she said, "I have to go back, for my family my daughter." Then the voice said if she went back there would be a tough life ahead for her. She said she didn't care she just wanted to see her family. Suddenly she started to open her eyes again.

She was a victim of violence. Violence is like a drop of water in a pond, the ripple effect spreads. When she awoke, she had no feeling in her legs. She praised God that she she did wake up. After this experience she was in a wheelchair, and was not able to do things she wished she could do. Violence is bad, it hurts, it's horrifying and it's something that has to stop.

Louise wanted this to stop to, so she started W.A.V.E, Walking Against Violence Everywhere. It's a program that helps stop the madness and may even stop the violence around Canada. What is Wave all about you ask? It's an organization that helps stop violence in communities everywhere. Please recognize the great work she has done.

Even if you don't live in Canada, you can still become an individual that can help stop violence; stop the way it is ruining our society. Walk against people who kill, walk against criminals, walk against rape, walk for the people who were affected by violence.

If you live in the Canadian area, please join W.A.V.E and help protect this earth against horrible violence. It is individuals such as yourself that can make a difference in this world.


Author's Note: Soures: www.louiserussowave.ca,


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