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To Date or Not to Date?

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Whyville, yes Whyville. A place to play games, earn virtual money, make a character, and meet other people. But what happens when that person asks you out? What will you say? Yes or no. No is a simple word. Two letters one syllable. But most people don't say that word. They say 'yes'. So I decided to interview some Whyvillians and get their opinion on this whole y-dating topic.

Kindgirl9: Have you ever dated another Whyvillian?

Darcy2021: Yes I have and I think it is great.
Aeb9: Yes I have when I was like in 5th grade. LoL.
3lkchc: Yea but I knew him in real life; we were dating in real life too.
Pacokali1: Yes.
ibeloverz: Nope. It's just plain dumb online.
Piggyboo6: Yes. A couple times. But it was gross, he wanted my personal info and everything *twitches*.

Kindgirl9: Do you believe in y-dating? Why or why not?

Aeb9: Well not really unless you know that person in real life or you have seen that person so you know what they look like.
Corey061: Yes because it is your choice.
3lkchc: I believe it's a persons choice whether or not to y-date but unless they know the person or someone they know.
Darcy2021: I do believe in y-dating; it's a great thing cause you don't really have to kiss the people, you pretend.
Pacokali1: Yes I do because you can really get to know each other very well.
ibeloverz: I actually don't because what's the point?? You're going to kiss your computer screen?
Piggyboo6: I don't believe in Whyville dating; it's gross and useless.

Kindgirl9: Do you think that Whyville should try to stop y-dating?

Aeb9: No I don't think so because if some people, (well people with no lives) want to do it then Whyville should let them.
Corey061: No.
Darcy2021: No.
Pacokali1: Yes.
ibeloverz: Yeah. Because little children are on this site. We're not setting a good example for them when they grow up.
Piggyboo6: Yes Whyville should stop y-dating I think.

Kindgirl9: Do you think Whyville is the right place for dating or real life?

Aeb9: I think real life is because you actually know that person and you can go places with them and stuff.
Corey061: Real life.
Darcy2021: Both to me; it sounds like in real life people should date and on Whyville.
Pacokali1: Real life because you never know if someone could be pretending to be a child.
ibeloverz: Real life because it's better. Online dating is dangerous and particularly inappropriate.
Piggyboo6: I think real life.

Wow, a lot of answers. They were all good too! So are you still y-dating? Are you going to stop? You decide and I just hope you say yes to stopping and no to that next virtual date. This has been Kindgirl9 going to delete my messages asking me if I'm single. *click*

Author's Note: Thank you to all the Whyvillians who answered my questions. If you would like to be a member of a club that is against y-dating y-mail AWDC07 and you will be able to join the Anti Y-Dating Campaign.


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