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Paparazzi Gone Too Far

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Cameras are flashing. Everywhere you turn, strangers are in your face, your so-called "bubble", and your personal life. They make snide remarks about you such as, "She was caught snorting cocaine" and "Lead singer has affair with wife". These meddling strangers are known as the paparazzi, and renowned celebrities have to deal with them everyday of their lives.

On "The Tyra Banks Show", Nichole Richie guest-starred to talk about the paparazzi following her everywhere. "The paparazzi are inevitably going to be snapping pics, regardless of where she is. While she may not mind the shutterbugs all the time, it's a whole different story when it comes to the beach or restaurants" (tmz.com). In the Tyra Banks segment, Nichole and Tyra went out to town in Los Angeles and the paparazzi suddenly became in their faces, even following the pair in the mall where they were shopping. This scene that took place is the same everyday for Nichole.

Not only has Nichole Richie sensed the pressure from paparazzi, but Lindsay Lohan has, as well. A few months ago, she was involved in a car accident with the paparazzi to blame. "Her publicist quoted saying that, 'She was rear-ended by paparazzi . . . she is fine [now]'" (debroff.debrief.com). Apparently the paparazzi were trying to get her picture, but Lohan refused; that resulted in an accident.

The paparazzi have been accused of causing accidents more serious than the fender benders. For example, Princess Diana was involved in a fatal incident. "'The paparazzi who constantly tailed Diana were following her car on motorcycles,' police said" (CNN.com). It turned out to be a high-speed chase, ultimately resulting in a car crash. Princess Diana suffered from massive internal and head injuries. Shortly after, she went into cardiac arrest and, unfortunately, died.

With the constant demand for magazines, the paparazzi feel they are obligated to take so many controversial and unexpected pictures of celebrities. They sneak around stores, malls, and even camp-out at stars' houses for a photo. The imposing photographers will do almost anything, even risk their lives, to take a good image. The paparazzi seem not to understand boundaries and limits. Not surprisingly, this becomes an outrage for celebrities who just want to live their lives, privately.

Sure, when a celebrity gets into the industry, this is what he/she will be going through. Some celebrities are being hounded constantly from the paparazzi because they are famous for what they have accomplished; this is wrong. But, a celebrity who is hounded from the paparazzi because of what he/she has stupidly done is a different story; that celebrity brought it upon his/herself.

So imagine you are walking down the street and immediately six photographers appear as if out of nowhere; they crowd in on you, where it becomes suffocating. The photographers call out your name while telling you to pose, taking pictures. They follow you down the street, but when you tell them to go away, the paparazzi do not listen. A week later, you come across a magazine that has an unflattering picture of your face, eating french fries on the cover. The headline reads, "No wonder she's fat; she's eating McDonald's fries!" Celebrities have to go through this similar scene everyday of their lives, and the paparazzi can ultimately ruin it.



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